Charis Case Study

Financial Services | Leased Lines | Microsoft Azure

Charis Case Study Overview

Charis is a trusted administrator for many essential funds and grants, working on behalf of major utilities providers to support individuals in need. The organisation operates through two main channels:

  • Managed service: for processing applications and efficiently distributing financial support to individuals in need.
  • Self-service portal: offering 24/7 access to vouchers for food, fuel and supermarkets.

In the past, their operations were paper-based, causing delays. However, over the last five to ten years, paper processes have been phased out of the business for digital alternatives, allowing applications to be handled online and providing the ability to distribute funds to people almost immediately.

When implementing new technology, having access to the right level of support can be a challenge. Charis was looking for a knowledgeable provider who were capable of offering a diverse range of solutions and the expertise necessary to identify their specific technological requirements, source the best solutions for the job and ensure they gain the most value from those solutions. We worked closely with Charis to identify opportunities for to enhance their technology infrastructure and deliver the level of support they needed.




Charis Case Study Highlights



Reducing unnecessary Microsoft Licences in cost savings.


Improved connectivity

Eliminating downtime and ensuring a smooth transition from their previous solution.



A customer-provider relationship that wasn't purely transactional.


Expert support

Access to our team of specialists and knowledgeable support team

I would absolutely recommend working with Elite, as they take the time to understand your business. The level of expertise shown by the team is great and we have access to people that, realistically, we probably wouldn’t be able to find within the job market. Having access to that level of expertise has been really beneficial to us.

Andrew Wilson | Head of IT | Charis