Gamma SIP

Due to our strategic partnership with Gamma, Elite Group are perfectly positioned to provide your business with a Gamma SIP solution.

As a strategic partnership with Gamma, Elite Group is perfectly positioned to provide your business with a Gamma SIP solution. 

SIP trunks are a more flexible and lower cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound calls. A standards-based replacement for traditional ISDN, a Gamma SIP trunk solution resiliently connects your PBX to the PSTN via broadband, Ethernet or private circuit.  

Our SIP trunking service is completely scalable, meaning that it is appropriate for businesses of all sizes – from small PBX-equipped businesses to large enterprises and contact centres. SIP trunks are compatible with all leading PBX brands in the UK, meaning almost any business can start benefitting from a more flexible, less expensive and more resilient SIP phone service.


Reduced Costs and Great Features

A Gamma SIP trunking solution reduces costs on national and international calls. All internal calls are free – even between multiple sites – you make additional savings on internal telephone communications.  

Using the SIP Trunk Call Manager – a web-based portal and app service – you can take full control on every aspect of incoming calls. This enables you to consolidate all your numbers into a single platform, making phone system management straight-forward, easy and effective.

Our SIP solutions are inherently flexible, giving you full control. This means you can add lines, take them away, split calls, re-route calls and benefit from a range of great features. A SIP solution can be deployed incredibly quickly and with next-to-no disruption to your business.

Increased Scalability and Resilience

Gamma SIP trunking is ideal for businesses that are anticipating significant growth or experience regular seasonal call influxes. This is because additional lines can be added or removed at the click of a button, meaning your SIP trunk solution will constantly adapt to your business needs. 

 Because SIP trunking is now a mature technology and internet speeds are generally very high across the country, SIP trunking provides a resilient and reliable telephony service. This is illustrated by the fact that, today, thousands of UK businesses are making the most of the benefits of SIP trunking. 

Complete with built-in business continuity, SIP trunks are able to handle any unexpected events and emergencies. Simply reroute calls to an alternative location quickly and easily so that your business can continue to operate no matter the circumstances.

Business Benefits

Keep Costs Down

Reduce costs with a Gamma SIP trunking solution. Carried over the IP network, SIP reduces call and infrastructure costs.  

Guaranteed Security

Relax in the knowledge that your SIP solution is highly secure and properly supported.

Complete Scalability

Add and remove users easily with our call management system. Geographically independent and scalable from one to 10,000 users, international Gamma SIP is the perfect solution for fast growing businesses.

True Resiliency

Equip your business with a resilient solution – Gamma SIP traffic is controlled from a central location meaning calls can be automatically diverted should disaster strike.


Combine voice, fax and data into a single, converged solution – making your communications portfolio easier to manage, operate and upgrade.

Fraud Protection

Enjoy free call termination to UK fixed destinations and free calls between connected international locations – all protected with ‘CallGuard’ to monitor unusual usage.  

Bespoke Solutions for Maximum Performance

Tailored to your specific business needs, a Gamma SIP solution will match your requirements perfectly.

Built-In Business Continuity

Gamma SIP is inherently disaster recovery and business continuity ready, and allows you to reroute calls instantly.

Technical Checklist

  • Combine or replace your traditional voice services with Gamma SIP trunks
  • Location independent – deliver your calls anywhere
  • Disaster recovery option available
  • Remove lines, add lines and split calls as your business requires a true voice and data converged solution


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