The Background

Vasanta is one of the UK’s largest business-to-business providers of stationary and office equipment, the group formed in 2007 and boasts its headquarters in Sheffield, North West of the UK.

The Challenge

• Deploy a cost effective multi site call recording solution
• Cost effective call recording system they would then be able to ensure all staff are dealing with calls efficiently and effectively

The Solution

Vasanta is now able to record all calls which can be used for training and monitoring purposes, with minimal expenditure and on-going costs.
Having installed Elite Network Call Recording, Vasanta now has the capability to listen to calls through our unique online web portal without any capital costs or complex integration issues.

The product records all incoming calls at network level giving Vasanta the ability to analyse each call and email recordings as a wav file. Using a web-based search engine the client can locate recordings and instantly play them back.

The solution also provides online call reporting and statistics allowing you to monitor your calls hourly, enabling you to change your call delivery as required.
As the business expands so can the level of recording, without the long wait to install new equipment and no costly upgrades.

The Result

Improved customer service and confident agents – Vasanta can use the calls to analyse where employees are falling short or excelling, using these as benchmarks against other employees.

Providing the correct training as a direct result of this means that agents are more confident on the phone, and that the customer is dealt with quickly and satisfactory.

No on-going costs – As it is a network level solution there is no onsite equipment to take care of, further reducing costs.

Easily manageable call handling ability – The call recording allows
the client to access the web portal from anywhere with an internet connection such as PC, laptop or mobile phone. Web portal access can be given only to those who need it as it is secured with a username and password.

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