The Register

The Background

The Register is one of the world’s biggest online technology publications, with more than seven million unique visitors worldwide – five million of which are from the UK and the US. The publication has offices located in London and San Francisco, covering news and features on software, hardware, networking, security and IT.

The Challenge

• Provide a smooth move from its serviced office

• A seamless, uninterrupted and reliable flow of communication between the two offices as well as customers, readers and suppliers dotted around the globe.

• A solution that would enable workers to connect and work from anywhere in the world, while maintaining easy growth and scalability.

The Solution

Elite conducted a full assessment of The Register’s site before building a bespoke solution perfect for its needs. We provided a state of the art Cisco telephone system using a dedicated fibre line to give fast speeds and a reliable connection.

We ensured that the move was as seamless as possible, so that there was absolutely no disruption to the business which operates 24/7 online. To combat the challenge of dispersed teams, Elite provided a fully Cloud-based telephone service bringing many commercial advantages to The Register.

This meant that both offices were able to connect and use the same phone system despite of their separate locations, equally, remote workers are now able to connect and use the same telephone system from anywhere there is an internet connection.

As the Cloud-based system is also highly flexible, The Register is able to easily scale up as they hire more staff or remote workers, the business was also able to take advantage of new technologies such as video and web conferencing which would have otherwise been out of budget from a third party supplier. The Register’s system was set up using a high grade fibre Ethernet, which continues to support its increasing reliance on voice and data services.

The Result

A seamless, stress-free move – As a company that only had experience in renting a serviced office, Elite reassured The Register in the solution of its new self-owned property. Seamless delivery – We delivered a main fibre Ethernet line, an IP telephone system and an advanced secure LAN on schedule and to budget, allowing employees to move into the new office space with the system already functioning.

Speed – As the speed of the new solution was far greater than the comms in place at The Register’s previous location, this meant that the business was actually able to increase its output and cater to readers like never before.

Scalable – The Register team requested a solution that would grow alongside their operations, and allow them to eventually disperse into other areas across the globe. The hosted telephone system and fibre connection allows the company to take full advantage of its worldwide presence, unifying services across any location that it pleases.

Call routing – The solution now seamlessly routes telephone calls through one phone system between its UK and US offices, and can also accommodate an unlimited amount of home workers.

Reduced costs and resources – This solution truly gave the staff behind The Register more bang for their buck, as even with the technology and infrastructure upgrade, one of the most noticeable advantages of the hosted system was that they no longer required the support of an internal IT department.

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