PerfectHome Stores

As a well recognised UK high street brand, PerfectHome required a solution to fit the changing nature of their business.

Elite Group has worked extremely closely with PerfectHome to not only ensure that their mobile account remains stable but also to help deliver a mobility solution.

The Background

Temple Retail, trading as PerfectHome Stores, were originally on a Vodafone Business Share tariff, with 178 connections in total. Traditionally, much of their business was conducted on the high street and much of their marketing and customer relations was undertaken via text message.

Following the introduction of an online store and a significant increase in home delivery, PerfectHome not only required a tariff to suit their needs but also some additional consideration into hardware and applications to host a mobility solution to organise their deliveries.

The Challenge

PerfectHome is a UK retailer of household goods, which can be paid for via weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options. The retailer has 67 stores across the UK and has recently set up an online presence in order to service areas of the country that cannot be reached via the high street.

Elite Group initially assessed the mobile account and identified areas where PerfectHome’s staff were spending outside their bundle. This has ensured a very stable monthly cost, as staff are aware of the limitations of their tariff and any fluctuations are carefully monitored by Elite.

As part of the growth in line sales, PerfectHome’s will have 120 vans out on the road, engaging in account management and delivery to all areas of the UK. In order to service this side of the business efficiently, PerfectHome required a mobility solution to carefully send out a drivers route and also provide a signature capture to monitor and audit deliveries.

The Solution

Elite Group proposed to supply each driver with an Alcatel Pixi 4 handset, which are large screen devices. They also supplied cases and suction mounts for each driver’s dashboard.

Each device will have a satellite navigation installed which will route drivers to their jobs via a central software application. When delivery is made, drivers then use the handset for signature capture, and all information is handled and administered by the PerfectHome I.T department.

In order to avoid out of bundle spend, Elite has also migrated PerfectHome to a Vodafone Red 2GB data tariff, which will ensure that drivers have enough data allowance to use their device on the road.

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