On The Beach

The Background

On the Beach is one of the UK’s leading online travel agencies with over 750,000 passengers every year. For the last ten years On the Beach has been organising value for money summer holidays for singles, couples and families.

The Challenge

• Develop a bespoke solution
• Reduce the number of dropped calls
• Help cut costs
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Make it easier for users to access the information they want
• Appear local within the countries without having to set up a physical presence

The Solution

Elite introduced a Home Worker Solution that allows agents to answer sales calls whilst away from the centre, an innovative approach which dramatically cuts overhead costs. Incorporated a premium rate Elite Call Queuing system, allowing the operator to answer calls faster and allocate callers an estimated queuing time during busy periods. This allows callers to hang up and call back at an arranged time.

Upon call back, the system recognises the caller’s phone number and restores it to the front of the queue for immediate service. Usually, under the Phone Play Plus (PPP) regulations, companies are not allowed to charge premium rates when asking callers to queue, however, On the Beach can charge a higher rate as Elite Call Queuing satisfies the PPP regulations.

To coincide with On the Beach launching websites in Spain and Germany Elite also introduced ‘in-country numbers.’ These numbers are perceived to be local numbers in each country but they are actually terminated into the UK call centre. On the Beach’s bilingual agents will answer the calls when these numbers are dialled.

The Result

A custom made solution, easy to understand – Our expert knowledge of the market place and relationships with suppliers meant we saved On the Beach time and money in sourcing independent products and comparing prices. Increased sales – By implementing Home Worker capability and Elite Call Queuing, we made sure that under no circumstances can a call ever be missed.

The intelligent queuing software means that customers are happier as they are waiting a minimal time to be put through to an agent. Increased staff morale- Allowing staff to work at home also increased staff morale and flexibility, highlighting a happier workforce and higher customer satisfaction.

Implementing in country numbers – allowed On the Beach to open up their product base and appear local in two separate companies. Increased customer satisfaction – All products implemented have paved the way for a dramatic increase in staff and customer satisfaction.

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