Omnia Strategy LLP

Omnia Strategy LLP Case Study
The Challenge working together

The Challenge

In 2017, Omnia Strategy conducted an internal review of its IT service providers and infrastructure as part of a wider investment, expansion and relocation programme. The main areas of concern that were highlighted within this review were prolonged periods of downtime, a cyber-attack on their IT service provider and the integrity of its data.

Chief Operating Officer for Omnia Strategy LLP, Nick Davis, explained:

“As the Chief Operating Officer, my priority was to ensure that our clients’ data was 100% secure at all times and that our team were able to serve our clients’ needs with minimal to no interruptions or downtime. Offering the very latest technology is just good business prudence and sensible in the era of rising cyber-crime.”

As Omnia Strategy is based in the legal sector, it is imperative that data is kept secure. Furthermore possessing reliable IT solutions, as well as having access to rapid support and effective service is critical for its team and its clients.

The solution we came together to make this partnership work

The Solution

Elite provided a range of IT solutions, including hardware and software, within Omnia to help them work efficiently together and facilitate productivity. Elite provided hosted desktops, which ensured a better working environment for the team and facilitated a remote working model that was more effective. Elite also introduced email management, which provided secure communication both internally and externally and implemented firewalls to improve data security. Finally, Elite were responsible for the provision of brand new software and hardware, including laptops with docking stations and twin screens for every user, in order to support effective productivity, both in the office and whilst working from home, as well as the installation projects required to implement these solutions.

The end result of our partnership

The Result

Omnia Strategy LLP are able to take advantage of a wealth of new technology that has helped them to work securely and productively, even when working away from the office. Downtime is rare and, if it does occur, the impact is limited. Faster speeds and stable connections allow the team to effectively meet their clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. The team at Omnia Strategy LLP praised Elite for their high quality service, prompt delivery and fair cost for the services provided.