Abundant Ltd

The Background

Abundant Ltd needed a flexible and scalable IP solution that would support the company’s growth strategy.

Abundant is a fast growing, small creative company based in the heart of London. As a communications agency, the imaginative media business specialises in delivering advertising and PR solutions to media organisations, with a plethora of big name clients including Paramount, Lionsgate, Oral-B and BBC Radio.

The Challenge

  • A next gen communications solution that was able to keep up with its growth surge.
  • Cost effective, with the best solution for their needs.
  • A quick turnaround, wishing to be set up and away in their new office within 20-25 days.

The Solution

Elite provided Abundant with a QOS ADSL for its telephone connection and an ASDL 2+ for data. Using a managed switch to integrate both lines meant that costs were kept well within Abundant’s budget.

We provided the company with an effective and scalable plug and play solution, allowing Abundant to plug its telephone systems and computers directly into any port on the same POE switch, eliminating the worry that data would interfere with the delicate voice traffic.

We furthermore had all Abundant’s required communication needs up and running, ready to go live within their desired time frame, with little disruption to business and clients.

The QoS (Quality of Service) element to the network further ensures quality on voice calls placed over the data connection.

The Result

Instantly reduced costs – Abundant immediately benefited from cheaper telephone calls, which also made it affordable and cost effective to make phone calls abroad. VoIP calls are not only cheaper but offer just as much resilience as calling through traditional lines.

One partner for all comms and IT services – As all of Abundant’s communications services are supplied by Elite, this also makes it easier when the company wishes to upgrade.

As we offer a close line of support, we can implement and upgrade software as quickly as they need. Abundant is now looking at investing in a more powerful internet line.

A successful, quick move with exceptional support – Lastly, as Abundant had never been tasked with finding and installing its comms services before, Elite provided peace of mind for the move from a service office to the leased office. We offered heavy support at every level to make sure the move was as seamless as possible and ensured everything was up and running on time.


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