Mobile Network Solutions

Make the most of our premier relationships with all major UK networks and empower your business with an industry leading mobile package tailored to your needs

Premier Network Partnerships

Elite Group holds premier-level partnerships with the UK’s leading mobile networks. This allows us to provide the most competitive tariff packages available to our customers. Our independence and impartiality means we can recommend the most appropriate network for your business needs.

We hold significant leverage with each of the major networks and can create a bespoke tariff package tailored to your business’s requirements. Elite Group can also negotiate a fund from your chosen network, which is used to replace or upgrade hardware or to offset your monthly costs.

An advanced partner of Vodafone
02 approved dealer
EE strategic partner with Elite Group
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Managing Network Relationships

We understand that your time and resources are precious. Our close network relationships allow us to act as a conduit between your business and the network. This removes the day-to-day pressures of managing your account and enables us to carry out any necessary changes that may be required.

Elite Group is an established and respected mobile provider. In the unlikely event that you encounter an issue, we can escalate this very quickly to senior figures within the mobile network to ensure rapid resolution.

Business mobile networks seamless network porting

Seamless Network Porting

Should your business decide to port to a new network at contract renewal, you can be rest assured that Elite Group will manage the entire process and provide a seamless transition. As soon as we receive your PAC codes, we will instigate a process that ensures minimal business disruption.

We set a mutually agreed porting date, organise any new hardware and ensure that all key stakeholders, as well as staff, are fully informed of the process.

On the day of porting, we can provide on-site assistance, and will be available to facilitate the process. Our in-house technical team can also respond to any technical issues that you may encounter with new hardware.

Business Benefits

Leading Network Relationships

Enjoy the very best voice and data tariffs available on the market, fully backed by your chosen network.

Network Relationship Management

Maximise on our premier network relationships and relieve the day-to-day pressures of managing your account.

Achieving Best Value

Our multi-network relationships ensure that we are delivering the best value solution to your business.

In-house Customer Service and Technical Support

Benefit from the in-depth network knowledge held by our highly experienced, UK-based customer service and technical support teams.

Fully-Managed Porting Process

Experience a smooth transition when porting from one network to another, with minimal business disruption.

Access Additional Funding

Replace or replenish your hardware, or offset your monthly costs, using a bespoke fund included in our network proposition to your business.

Ongoing, Independent Analysis

Be reassured that our independence and impartiality allows us to analyse your account regularly and rectify any issues, whilst acting in your business’s best interests.

Technical Checklist

  • Network-based on-line billing management and tools
  • Capacity and experience to manage network porting, onsite if necessary
  • Expert technical support available to ensure smooth transition to a new network provider
  • ISO9001 accredited to ensure all systems, paperwork and interaction with the network is well documented and stored
  • All interaction with the networks recorded and shared via our state-of-the-art CRM

Why Choose Elite Group to Manage Your Mobile Network Solution?

  • Industry-leading, UK-based customer service
  • Dedicated, named account manager
  • Premium partnerships with all the major networks
  • Industry experts with over 15 years’ industry experience
  • Scalable solutions for businesses of any size

Our Customers Say

I am very happy with the level of support and knowledge delivered. I like to call Elite and bounce ideas off them and together this relationship works really well because as our business develops it becomes a win win process for the both of us.

Chris Carter, Network & Infrastructure Manager

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The service provided by Elite Telecom has been excellent, I have developed a great relationship with the support team. It has made a major impact on our business operation, and the cost savings it has delivered has made it a very worthwhile investment.

Andrew Hussey, IT Manager

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We expect the system to pay for itself within two years, furthermore we believe that we have only scratched the surfaced on what we think the telephony system can do for us in the future. The implementation of the Swyx solution has been a great success.

Bill Waters

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