Machine to Machine Solutions

Futureproof your business and monitor your assets using real-time technology to create a more informed and efficient working environment

Machine to Machine

Elite Group provides a number of machine to machine solutions which allow you to connect any machine to another machine using a mobile SIM. This enables the machines to exchange real-time information on their performance and functionality.

Examples of this application include asset tracking such as the location of vehicles or a refrigerator informing you that it is low on pressure. This automated knowledge may be vital to keep your business functioning but may also enhance your customer experience.

Machine to machine removes the potential pitfalls of manually monitoring machines, ensuring that your business works smarter and is far more informed of the performance of your vital equipment. This enables you to allocate your time and resource to other important areas of your business.

Machine to machine solutions can have a potentially massive impact on your bottom line

Maximise Time and Cost Savings

Machine to machine solutions can have a potentially massive impact on your bottom line, but very few businesses currently engage with the technology. Real-time monitoring of your assets through automation can ensure that previously time-consuming and error prone manual checks are transparent and can enable you to act on potential issues before they become problematic.

Machine to machine solutions also improve working practices and allow you to deploy your resources on other areas of the business. Should your business monitor machines for your customers, you are also providing a comprehensive service through monitoring their assets in real-time and minimising error.

M2M solution with planning and efficiency

Forecasting and Planning Efficiency

Thinking and planning ahead becomes far easier with a machine to machine solution. The ability to receive and apply data from your business field means that your company is able to anticipate and act upon decisions in advance. Whether these affect maintenance, restocking or repairs, your business has the data it needs to make the right decisions. This could potentially save time and money and avoid unnecessary risks.

Full visibility of your business processes also helps you to better forecast the costs involved in different processes, providing a far more accurate budget and the solution becomes a vital planning resource.

Your machine to machine solution produces the results

Seamless Implementation

Working closely with your business, we can ensure that your machine to machine solution produces the results that you need. We’ll analyse your requirements and propose a solution that works. Our machine to machine solutions are designed bespoke for each business that we work with and so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your solution is designed to purposely fit your needs.

On an ongoing basis, we provide technical support in the unlikely event that you encounter an issue with your machine to machine solution.

Business Benefits

Real-Time Communication

Assess the performance of your business and assets in real-time to ensure that you can act immediately if required.

Making Savings on Time and Money

Benefit from automating previously manual processes and therefore save time and money by deploying resources elsewhere.

Enhance Productivity

Enhance the productivity within your business by tighter control of your planning and operations.

Fully Managed Process

Experience expert implementation of your machine to machine solution and ensure it achieves your aims.

Proactive Rather Than Reactive

Be reassured that you can manage your business proactively by identifying problem issues in real-time rather than reacting to them as they happen.

Leading Device Management Solutions

Access the industry’s leading device management solutions, implemented by our knowledgeable team.

Technical Checklist

  • Our solutions are compatible with most machines
  • Smooth central operation enables you to manage your machines
  • Expert technical support available to ensure smooth implementation of your solution
  • Extensive reporting and real-time monitoring facilities
  • Built over a secure network to ensure ultimate security

Why Choose Elite Group to Manage your Machine to Machine Solutions?

  • Industry-leading, UK-based customer service
  • Dedicated, named account manager
  • Industry experts with over 15 years’ industry experience
  • Technical expertise to ensure smooth implementation
  • Scalable solutions for businesses of any size

Our Customers Say

I am very happy with the level of support and knowledge delivered. I like to call Elite and bounce ideas off them and together this relationship works really well because as our business develops it becomes a win win process for the both of us.

Chris Carter, Network & Infrastructure Manager

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The service provided by Elite Telecom has been excellent, I have developed a great relationship with the support team. It has made a major impact on our business operation, and the cost savings it has delivered has made it a very worthwhile investment.

Andrew Hussey, IT Manager

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We expect the system to pay for itself within two years, furthermore we believe that we have only scratched the surfaced on what we think the telephony system can do for us in the future. The implementation of the Swyx solution has been a great success.

Bill Waters

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