Cloud Hosting

Cost-effective, high-performance cloud solutions – flexible, scalable, and tailored to your exact business requirements

Optimum Business Flexibility and Agility

Elite Group are one of the UK’s leading providers of cloud hosting solutions, and are perfectly positioned to provide you with an unrivalled solution – guaranteed to deliver performance, reliability and high availability.

With cloud hosting, you are utilising virtual server space rather than purchasing expensive physical servers. Using a virtual solution offers impressive advantages such as scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency.

Elite Group provide cloud hosting solutions to a number of global institutions covering finance and government industries. Our cloud servers will provide you with instant scalability, security and reliability.

Reduce costs and enjoy increased scalability with a public cloud solution provided by Elite Group

Public Cloud

Reduce costs and enjoy increased scalability with a public cloud solution provided by Elite Group. Our public cloud solutions can be completely managed and supported by our expertly trained technical team and are suited to businesses that wish to benefit from a dedicated, scalable server operating system.

By using a public cloud solution, you avoid all the issues associated with sizing, deploying and managing hardware – allowing your organisation to focus on core business issues. Created bespoke for you, we can provide a public cloud solution that suits your specific business needs, whether you deal with a large workload, or you require a smaller solution.

Take advantage of cost-effective cloud computing.

Private Cloud

Elite Group’s private cloud solutions are perfect for any organisation that needs to store and process private data or carry out sensitive tasks. Take advantage of cost-effective cloud computing without placing your infrastructure in a shared environment – resulting in dedicated resources and performance to you.

Giving you more control over your data and infrastructure, a private cloud solution allows you to intervene quickly should any changes be made. You choose an infrastructure with specific storage, so that the system meets the requirements of your organisation perfectly.

Elite Group can provide additional security options for high security private clouds utilising our best-in-class datacentres.

All our hybrid hosting solutions utilise a mixture of different, superior-class platforms.

Hybrid Hosting

Elite Group provide intelligent hybrid hosting solutions. All our hybrid hosting solutions utilise a mixture of different, superior-class platforms blended together to complement each other – combining the scalability and flexibility of the cloud with the high security and performance of dedicated hosting.

A hybrid hosting solution will allow you to switch seamlessly between dedicated hosting environments, cloud services or both simultaneously – as required in order to meet your business needs. Ideal for businesses requiring high availability, hybrid hosting is fully customisable – you will have complete control with our intuitive web portal that allows you to create, manage and update environments.

Unmatched flexibility and inherent resiliency

Managed Cloud

Our managed cloud servers offer genuine high availability, unmatched flexibility and inherent resiliency. Using the latest technology, managed cloud servers are ideal for businesses looking for secure, scalable and cost-effective hosting solutions that efficiently work with your organisations requirements and its infrastructure.

Managed cloud hosting will reduce costs by allowing businesses to provision only the cloud services required at any given moment. Our team of technical engineers will manage, monitor and maintain the cloud servers, 24 hours a day – allowing your IT department to focus on other areas. As we know no two businesses are alike, we can guarantee the most suitable, cost-effective set up for every business looking for a powerful cloud solution.

Business Benefits

Instant Scalability

Scale resources up and down to accommodate peak times of the year, making your business more flexible and more cost-effective.

Cost Effective

Pay only for what you need, you will no longer have to purchase expensive hardware yourself, or require qualified IT staff to maintain them.

First Class Environment

Take advantage of our first-class hosting environment, which utilises highly efficient computer room air conditioning units, cold-aisle containment and a range of redundant cooling systems throughout.

Improve Reliability

Benefit from the physical security afforded to infrastructure hosted within our datacentres. Cloud resources are more resilient to individual failures across the physical infrastructure.

Superior Support

Acting as your external IT department, Elite Group will provide you with first-class 24/7 technical support, minimising the IT resources across your company.

Enhanced Connectivity

Integrate your cloud service with a cloud-ready network; simplify IT operations, tighten security, increase business agility and improve data.

Technical Checklist

  • Award-winning dedicated account management and technical support
  • Industry leading SLAs and fault management with enhanced security and compliance
  • Industry experts with many years’ industry experience
  • Scalable solutions for businesses of any size
  • Premium partnerships with all major suppliers
  • Dedicated hosting environment and on-demand resources managed via a self-service web portal
  • Recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO)
  • Data throughput, fault tolerance and unprecedented scalability

The hosted private cloud service from Elite Group is providing huge commercial benefits to our operations in the UK, China and UAE.

Digital transformation has enabled the Roxor Group to consolidate our IT systems and increase our competitive edge in an already challenging market. It has also enabled our board of directors to make commercial decisions, quickly and with confidence.

Nick Massarella - IT Director - Roxor Group Ltd.

Why Choose Elite Group

Secure Solutions


IT Security is our number one priority with dedicated engineers and support teams maintaining the highest levels of security 24/7.

Collaboration with software development solutions


Elites partnerships allow us to provide individualised collaboration platforms to suit your business.

Productive solutions to benefit your business


Increase productivity with bespoke communication systems and platforms creating a more efficient workforce.

Benefit from software development solutions


Elite provide more efficient and productive communication and collaboration networks, generating greater profitability.

Elite Group: The Expert Unified Communications and IT Services Provider.

Excellent communications and IT solutions are essential to running an effective modern business.

By choosing one expert provider for all your communications and IT needs, you will experience the same excellent level of service and support across all your communications products. This increases productivity, reduces complexity and improves profitability.

Elite Group is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of best-in-class, future-proof communications and IT services. We make the complex simple, so that you can access and enjoy the very best solutions quickly and easily.

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