Top 10 Reasons to Invest in UCaaS Solutions in 2022

April 04 2022  

Streamlined communications, connected teams and simple scalability.

The benefits of UCaaS solutions are many, but is it the right solution for your business?

Due to technological advances and the gradual switch-off of traditional analogue telephony, the demand of UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions has been steadily increasing. Although it does possess the power to improve your communications, this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the business benefits UCaaS can provide. For businesses who want to be front runners by providing the best experiences for both their customers and their team, you need to know about the benefits of UCaaS. From allowing flexibility for your workforce to having access to better insights to improve CX (customer experience), these are the top 10 reasons you should invest in UCaaS in 2022.


1)   Unified Communication Solutions for a Unified Team

Flexible working is no longer a special privilege accessible for the few. Hybrid working is providing your team with the flexibility of home working with the social and collaborative benefits of the office and suits the needs of many workers. Not implementing flexible ways of working can prevent access to the best talent. One of the biggest concerns business owners have when it comes to hybrid and remote working is how communication between teams and with customers could suffer. With UCaaS solutions your team can stay connected whether they are working from home, the office or in the field. Communication is based in a Cloud environment, which means your team can access each other and your customers from any device. No matter where your team do business, they are unified by one powerful communication solution.


2) Knowledge Bases to Keep Your Team In the Know

Despite the name, the capabilities of UCaaS, go far beyond just improving communication. UCaaS tools can provide a space for your team to share information and knowledge through the integration of software, apps and tools. As this information is stored in the Cloud, access for relevant personnel is easy and you can be rest assured that your data is secure. With UCaaS solutions, you have the scope to personalise features to suit your team’s exact needs, so they have access to the tools they rely on to carry out their duties.


3)  Cloud Communication means Endless Possibilities

Due to UCaaS being a Cloud solution, your business can take advantage of endless features to customise or scale your UCaaS to meet the ever-changing needs of your employees and customers. You’re also future-proofing your team’s communication and collaboration through this ability to personalise your solution.  You can utilise new technology when it becomes available to ensure your solution is always fit for purpose and you’re always one technological step ahead of the competition.


4) UCaaS Defends Against Downtime

A key feature of any Cloud solution is the simple management and maintenance and UCaaS is no exception.  Automatic updates, access to support from your provider and automation within Cloud-based environments takes the majority of responsibility for the solution away from your internal IT team – saving you time and money. Most importantly, due to this reduced responsibility and simpler management processes, your business is defended against extensive downtime periods, should something go wrong.


5) Better CX with Access to Better Analytics and Insights

The world of business is changing at a rapid rate. With customers expecting more and more from their experience, businesses cannot afford to stagnate through using out-of-date solutions. How do you know if you are delivering the best experience for your customers? The answers can be found in your business analytics and insights, and with UCaaS you have access to improved tracking, insights and analytics. This enables you to spot trends within their communication with your business and find out more about the customer journey your business provides. With access to better insights, you can make better business decisions and improvements that impress your customers and keep them coming back.


6) Be Prepared for Anything

As we’ve seen in the last couple of years, things can change instantly and your business has to be agile enough to keep up. The companies who thrive are those who are prepared for anything. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have a solution for any issue that could come their way, it means that they are adaptable should they be hit with a curveball, like a global pandemic, for example. UCaaS enables this adaptability, due to being fuelled by the Cloud. Need to send your entire team to work from home? No worries. With UCaaS solutions, your team has access to the same level of communication as they would in the office and you have the capability to add-on any tools to your UCaaS solution to help with the change in situation. Whatever your business has to face, you’re ready for it.


7)  Your Data is Under Lock and Key

We all know storing your information within the Cloud provides better security and this includes Cloud communication. More and more businesses are moving to the Cloud, which means we are dealing with more Cloud data than ever before. With UCaaS solutions your data is not only secure but synchronised into an aligned platform. This means implementing security measures, such as encryption is a much simpler process as your information is all in one place.


8) Cost-Effective Communication

UCaaS solutions enables you to manage your entire communication infrastructure with ease. With Cloud solutions you only pay for what you use and the different features within your contract are streamlined within a simplified bill. Cloud communication naturally decreases the level of maintenance, compared with traditional PBX telephony as there is less hardware, wiring and systems to look after.


9)  Connect with Your Customers – Their Way

It isn’t just your team that can benefit from a communication solution that unifies a range of different communication platforms, such as video calls and instant message. Your customers will have communication preferences and with a UCaaS solution, you can meet those preferences. Your customers will have the ability to reach out to your business via a method that is most convenient for them.


10)  Grow with No Ties

Traditional phone systems are cumbersome, especially when it comes to scaling your business. When the time comes to increasing your communication capacity, you’re weighed down with adding new extensions and hardware and faffing around with contracts. If you need to downsize later down the line, you may be stuck with extensions and hardware that you don’t need, but still have to pay for due to being tied into a contract. UCaaS can be accessed from any device, you just need an internet connection and your account details, which means communication is no longer tied to a physical phone. Utilise laptops, PCs and tablets as ‘softphones’ and link mobiles to your UCaaS solution to cut out the cost of purchasing hardware. There’s also no worries when it comes to wiring – the only wire you need to be concerned about is your broadband. Whether you’re expanding or decreasing your team, managing contracts and access is a breeze. Simply add/delete accounts, as needed and only pay for what you use.


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