How Secure is Data in the Law Services Sector?

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March 28 2022  

The Threat is Real and imminent.

But, how do you best deploy the technologies available to safeguard against the very real threat of data breaches and theft?

“In Q1 and Q2 of 2019, data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records, which goes to show how big of a problem it is in the world today.’ |

That is a scary figure in anyone’s book, 4.1billion records exposed in just 6 months.

According to experts across the globe, the leading ways your business data can be compromised include malware, social engineering, weak and stolen credentials, back doors, too many permissions, insider threats, and improper configuration or user error. The majority of attacks are designed to extort money, with many succeeding, because of the fear of losing even more with the loss of data. To avoid putting your data at risk, it’s essential that practices are in place to remove these weaknesses and safeguard your precious data.

Considering the amount of sensitive data stored within the Law services sector, securing this business and client information should be paramount. However, like any professional service, IT security needs a solution that best fits and is tailored to your needs. Trusting the company that provides these services and making sure they can deliver on those solutions also needs to be paramount.

Is your provider taking care of business?

Prior to becoming an Elite Group client, Law Firm, Omnia Strategy LLP conducted an internal review of its IT service providers and infrastructure as part of a wider investment, expansion, and relocation programme. The principal areas of concern that were highlighted within this review were prolonged periods of downtime, a cyber-attack on their IT service provider and the integrity of its data.


‘As the Chief Operating Officer, my priority was to ensure that our clients’ data was 100% secure at all times and that our team were able to serve our clients’ needs with minimal to no interruptions or downtime. Offering the very latest technology is just good business prudence and sensible in the era of rising cyber-crime.’ NICK DAVIS | CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER AT OMNIA STRATEGY LLP

Reputation is everything and client confidence in your ability to manage their sensitive information should be at the forefront of your data security.

See the full case study here.


The Facts

  • Four in ten UK businesses (39%) report having a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months
  • One in five businesses attacked resulted in losing money, data, or other assets
  • In the first half of 2021, 12,723 vulnerabilities were disclosed by software vendors globally
  • The most common attacks are phishing scams with 27% of businesses experiencing at least one per week
  • Risk levels are higher than ever, and businesses are finding it harder to administer cyber security measures

Are these facts disseminated for fear purposes? Absolutely! Increasingly, providers like Elite Group are finding that many businesses are not aware of how real the threat is. Breaches in data security and cybercrime happen far too often and are, more often than not, totally avoidable with the appropriate defences in place. A data breach, no matter how big or small, in any Law Firm could be catastrophic and the figures on crime in the cyber world should be a warning to any business to review your data security on a regular basis.


GDPR compliance and fines

If nothing else, GDPR regulations should encourage all businesses to take a more focused approach to data protection. Securing data works both ways, you need offence and defence. Proactive businesses ensure that they are as well protected as they can be by deploying the absolute best defences in cyber security.

It’s a double-edged sword, data breaches can also cost when GDPR rules are broken with extensive fines being issued. The largest of those fines to date was Amazon in Europe, who were fined over £600 million. Issued by Luxembourg’s National Commission for Data Protection, the fine claims the tech giant’s processing of personal data did not comply with EU law.


How do you optimise your data security?

It’s the million-dollar question isn’t it. How do you make sure any data and information you have is secure and complies with GDPR regulations?

The answer is reasonably simple. When you deploy well-known and trusted solutions, you can rest easy knowing that the reputation these trusted brands have is there for a reason. Brands like Microsoft, WatchGuard and Vipre, just to name a few, are the leaders in cyber-security, with solutions that will protect your business from data breaches.


Be Proactive

It costs nothing to talk to the expert team at Elite and identify a solution that will suit your business, but it could cost you your entire business if you don’t take care of your IT security. Elite Group are top level partners with highly regarded and trusted cyber security platforms that can be deployed to protect your business data from cybercrime.


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