Working For Elite Group – The Teamwork, Positives, Downsides, Pressure And Why?

25th September 2020

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We Took Some Time Out To Chat To The Sales Team And Get Their Thoughts On Sales.


We Took Some Time Out To Chat To The Sales Team And Get Their Thoughts On Sales.

Sales is the driving force behind any business’s success, creating and driving revenue. Sales environments are often seen as the engine room and with the push for revenue comes not only pressure but success when the team are backed up with support and positivity.

Elite Group, believe passionately that hard work should be rewarded, that competence is critical and that it’s possible to get things done – whilst still having a laugh along the way. We believe in helping people reach their potential because we know our staff are our company’s greatest asset.

The Elite Group culture is designed to nurture talent, support staff and inspire people to achieve their ambitions. We do this by rewarding success every step of the way, ensuring that staff are engaged and determined, and equipping people with the skills necessary to succeed. This is because we know that happy, engaged employees are more productive, more likely to stay with the company and more likely to contribute to a positive working atmosphere.

We spoke to some of our sales team to give you an insight into their thoughts on the job, what it’s like to work here and more.


Meet A Few Of The Team

Ellie Gorton, Inside Sales Executive

‘As an internal account manager here at Elite Group, excellent communication and strong interpersonal skills are key to my role in order to build and maintain customer relationships.’


James McDonough, Account Director

‘There are several fundamental aspects to the role I do here at Elite Group. Probably the most important I would say is listening. Listening to the customer really helps me understand both the short term challenges the organisation has got, but equally the long-term strategy and how they want to get there. Working with key stakeholders within that client’s organisation really helps me understand how the solutions that Elite currently provide underpin the success of that organisation’


Jane Turner, Business Development Manager

‘Building close relationships with our customers is crucial. Good communication skills are therefore essential, also negotiation, industry knowledge and time management skills.


Why Work For Elite Group?

‘I was attracted to the inclusive, inspiring and challenging work environment. Customer experience is at the heart of Elite Group which creates for a new and refreshing sales environment’ Jane Turner

‘I was driven to work for Elite Group due to the excellent career progression possibilities and the great company culture. The work environment here is fun yet challenging and there is so much support to help you develop both professionally and personally.Ellie Gorton

‘Even before I applied to join Elite group I’d already heard lots of amazing things about the organisation both from long-standing colleagues who I really respected and made the move over here and equally through working in the industry you get to know about all the successful and respected businesses within the industry. I think one of the things that really jumped out during the interview process was truly how much the organisation values its staff. And the motto that shone most of all was if we look after our staff, our staff look after our customers and that’s been evident from day one. We’ve got a great blend of people that have been here from day one who really understand the core values of the business and equally new people that have joined like myself.’ James McDonough


Is Teamwork Important?

‘Teamwork is really important to my own and the team’s success. This helps us learn from each other and provide effective solutions for our customers.’ Ellie Gorton

‘Teamwork is a really vital part of the role I do at Elite Group Probably more so than ever during the current pandemic where everybody is working remotely’ James McDonough

‘We’re truly are a cohesive team here at Elite and we help each other out on a daily basis. Especially with training and social events, everybody comes together.’ Jane Turner


What Do You Love About Your Role?

‘One of the biggest work motivators for me is my colleagues. They’re always on hand to encourage and support you and that’s what separates us from other companies.’ Jane Turner

‘The thing that I love most about my role and probably the main reason I’ve done this role for as long as I have, is probably that no two days are the same. And I know that’s a bit of a cliché, but we’ve got some incredible customers in such broad fields it really does make every day different.’ James McDonough

‘One of my favourite parts of the role here at Elite Group is the responsibility I have to build relationships with customers. This really lets me express my personality and get to know customers on a much more personal level in order to provide them with effective solutions.’ Ellie Gorton


What Are The Downsides Of The Job? 

‘We sell a range of products across UC, connectivity, mobile and IT. So, there is lots of complex product information to remember, although we have multiple training sessions per week to help keep us up to date with the latest industry knowledge.’ Ellie Gorton

‘I honestly wouldn’t say there are many downsides to the role I do at Elite Group if any at all. I guess if I really had to pick one it would probably be working from home, believe it or not, it can be quite challenging sometimes it feels like your confined to these four walls’ James McDonough


How Do You Deal With The Pressure?

‘It forces you to knuckle down and get your head in gear. That type of working isn’t for everybody but I love it.’ Jane Turner

‘I deal with pressure best by continuing to keep organised. I’ve got to know each of my accounts on a much more personal level and I’m able to keep records of all the communication I have with them, this helps me deal with the pressure.’ Ellie Gorton

‘When working under pressure I try and think of things in the long term and realise that the pressure that you’re coming under today is what brings you long term growth and development both as an individual and probably as an organisation as well.’ James McDonough


Elite believe in the premise that ‘success breeds success’ and is constantly looking for fresh talent and expertise to join our ever-expanding team. Elite makes a significant investment in training as well as the personal development of each member staff. This approach has enabled Elite to exceed targets, surpass goals and offer expertise in all areas of communications – from hosted technology and hardware to inbound solutions, data and IT.

We are incredibly confident in our teams, from pre-sales consultancy to billing and fault handling. The staff at Elite Group invest time getting to know each customer so that they can deliver the most personal service possible, priding themselves on a high level of knowledge and understanding of the systems, products and services that each client uses – as well as determining which solutions they may benefit from in the future.

Our culture and values go hand-in-hand. We work hard. We play hard. And we reward those who succeed. If you like what you read and are interested in a career with Elite Group or in the sales team, check out our career opportunities here