Women In Tech – Is There Definite Change In The Wind When It Comes To Diversity And Equality?

9th December 2020

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We Spoke To Some Of Our Women Within Elite To Find Our What Their Thoughts Are.


We Spoke To Some Of Our Women Within Elite To Find Our What Their Thoughts Are.

‘Here at Elite, we always welcome individuality. We guarantee that your differences will be valued and encouraged because after all, that’s what makes us a better Elite. From diversity to creativity, we nurture every form of talent no matter your race, gender, age, religion, identity or experience. Our recruitment process ensures Diversity and Inclusion are more than just words; they are our guiding principle.’ Elite Group Diversity Statement.


In the UK, just one in 6 tech specialists are women. Whilst that figure is higher for the number of women that actually work in the tech industry in varying roles, there Is no doubt that women are poorly represented within this sector.

Is that changing? The answer is yes but not as fast as those within the industry would like. There needs to be more encouragement from schooling right through to the industry itself. A career in the tech industry is rewarding, challenging and suits a variety of different talents, no matter whether you’re male or female.

We spoke to Georgina Thompson, Marketing and Communications Manager, Laura Williams, Head of Human Resources and Sarah Whyte, Sales Director about the role of women in tech and their thoughts on the past, present and future.

‘I think it’s important that we need more women in the tech industry because we’ve been outnumbered for far too long. Research shows that companies do benefit from a diverse and inclusive workforce and having a gender balance at senior levels can produce better productivity, return on investment, create more superior innovation and problem solving and it also gives a new perspective if you got a much more inclusive and workforce, particularly when it comes to gender balance at a senior level.’ Laura


‘The more women there are in the today the more it will encourage girls to pursue their own dreams and interests and that just creates for better equality’ Georgina


‘I believe it’s important for women to join the tech industry, as it’s an exciting industry to work in. It’s the future, it’s everchanging, you’re constantly having to adapt to learn new products and services. Working in IT for my entire career has given me a solid platform for personal and professional development. I believe IT is an industry that will continue to thrive, I don’t believe there is any other industry as rewarding or challenging as the technology sector.’ Sarah


‘Only one in six tech specialists in the UK are women, only one in ten are IT leaders and, worse still, despite significant growth in the number of women working in technology and IT roles, female representation in the technology sector has stalled over the last 10 years.’ womenintech.co.uk


‘The lack of diversity in the tech industry is nothing new, it has been a significant and consistent challenge for tech companies for many years. Whilst I recognise the gender imbalance, I don’t think it can wholeheartedly be blamed on the tech employees. I think the stereotype of working in the technology sector actively discourages women from applying for roles and this is something we do need to address. If women are looking for a field with plenty of opportunities, the technology sector is anxiously awaiting their arrival.’ Georgina


‘It is clear to see that women are underrepresented in STEM roles. Only 19% of the people working in tech in the UK are female. Even though the tech industry is becoming more diverse and companies are creating resource groups to help them grow their diverse team, the gender gap is still an issue which needs tackling.’ womenintech.co.uk


Sarah has been in the industry for numerous years and gives us her top three tips for working in the tech sector.

‘One, know your worth, you’re not being employed because you’re female you’re being employed because of your value to the business and the value that you can bring. Number two, demonstrate your passion every day for the work that you do, working in a tech business is challenging and if you don’t love what you do it makes that challenge even harder. Number three, your only competition is yourself, you don’t need to trample on anyone else to get ahead, being a team player so important in a fast-changing environment’


‘Around 78% of large organisations admitted to having a gender pay gap in tech, with males earning more than females. Only 14% of businesses have a median pay gap for women and 8% have no pay gap at all. It has been said that women earn up to 28% less than their male colleagues in the same tech roles.’ womenintech.co.uk


Gender equality is at the core of the Elite Group HR mantra, with many women holding senior roles and many more in the wings ready to step up. From the boardroom to sales and more, women are proving that companies can become even greater and more successful with an inclusive policy that focuses on more than just gender.

‘Elite constantly looks for excellence in staff irrespective of gender. Unfortunately, over the years women have struggled to get the recognition they deserve. Elite Group are blind to gender and employ the right person for the job, like many large tech companies our philosophy has always been to employ and maintain the best possible staff.’ Rob Sims – Group CEO


Find out more about what Sarah, Georgina and Laura had to say here.

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