Why Your Contact Centre Needs Unified Communications

5th November 2020

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Meeting Customer Expectations And More


Meeting customer expectations and more with Elite Group

Contact Centres are the hub of customer communication and with an ever-changing array of communication options, they must evolve and meet those contact opportunities. Contact centres that can communicate with customers no matter what the platform will always come out on top.

Now more than ever contact centres have become a critical bridge for businesses relying on digital channels to communicate. Older technologies can be the final nail in the coffin for customer experience and can have dire consequences for business.

Consumers expect far more than they ever did from their dealings with contact centres and the pace at which customer needs change means an overall Unified Communications solution is needed to keep up. The contact centre market in the UK is worth around £3billion and employs almost 70,000 staff. Considering the size of the market in the UK if your contact centre isn’t using UC then you’ll fall behind at a rapid pace.



One of the major threats to contact centres is competition from low cost offshore models. In an IBIS World report on the UK market, they found UC is a major factor in remaining competitive especially after BREXIT.

‘Although leaving the European Union is expected to constrain business confidence in the short term, it is likely to recover once firms have a better understanding of their future operating environment. Competition from offshore call centres is likely to remain a threat, especially as the value of the pound recovers, lowering the cost of overseas call centre services. The extent to which wages rise and quality issues are addressed will also significantly affect demand for offshore call centre services over the next five years. Cloud computing technology is likely to allow firms to reduce costs.’

That cost reduction allows for businesses to compete better with offshore challengers. While competition on the ground within the UK remains an appropriate UC solution for your business levels the playing field on a global level.



Another factor that facilitates a more broader and better customer experience is internal collaboration. When information can be shared and delivered more efficiently internally the external experience is enhanced even further.

UC Strategies’, “Unified Communications End User Productivity Study,” has many similar collaborative experiences to some of these remarks about UC.

“I can go online and tap into the subject matter experts needed and set up an ad hoc conference call. I can get information instantly by contacting an expert.”

“Our people can take a call from someone and when they need information from a subject matter expert they can send an instant message to get it, or send the call to someone else to solve the problem right away.”

One marketing professional noted, “In my role in marketing, I need to tap into experts in the organisation for critical issues, and there are lots of times I need information urgently. The ability to reach a person through an appropriate mode of communication is really powerful. I can get the person I need whether they’re remote or local.”


Customer Expectations

The main reason for any customer inquiry is to get a result and if that desire for a solution isn’t met, satisfaction and expectations fall. According to talkdesk.com, the majority of customers they surveyed believe contact centres don’t always provide excellent service, this comes down to many factors but the obvious is a communication system that doesn’t allow for continuity and flexibility like a truly unified system does.

Optimisation of communications into a unified system to meet consumer expectations is the only way forward for many businesses, it allows for better service delivery, easy scalability, improved bottom lines and ultimately happy customers.

Whilst some of the main reasons for complete UC are financial the main reasons are to meet customer expectations and remain competitive, driving the bottom line even further. Elite Group has a wide range of UC solutions enabling a tailored approach to individual business needs.


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