Why The Prince’s Trust Is Important to Elite Group Founder Matt Newing

10th December 2019

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Elite Group founder and owner Matt Newing owes a lot to the Prince’s Trust.

In fact, 23 years ago, Matt received support in the form of a grant from The Trust. Matt has never forgotten this helping hand early in his career and, today, he’s working with the organisation to support other young people reach their entrepreneurial potential.

Why Matt Newing wants to help the Prince's Trust

In 1996 Matt had a business idea. He wanted to rent out memorable free phone numbers to big companies and make money from the phone calls they received. However, he didn’t have the means to turn this idea into a reality.

So, he contacted The Prince’s Trust. Believing in his entrepreneurial spirit and business concept, the organisation offered him a £1,000 grant to get started – after taking part in the Enterprise programme.

Fast forward 23 years and Matt has built numerous national and international businesses, which turn over more than £75 million per annum. Despite this success, he has never forgotten his humble beginnings and came back to The Trust in 2013 with a desire to help other young people transform their lives – just like he did.

Since then Matt has donated close to £60,000 towards The Trust’s work across the North West of England – helping young people gain the skills and confidence required to live, learn and earn through the charity’s programmes.

His ethos of giving back and supporting local communities is an integral part of his personal and professional philosophy. As well as supporting The Prince’s Trust, Matt was one of the founding members of the Manx Educational Foundation. He is also actively involved in Action Aid and is currently supporting a project to build seven schools in Ethiopia – which will educate more than 2,000 children a year and provide access to clean water and toilet facilities.

Matt has invested across a range of sectors – including tech, property, data and the secondary ticket market – including minority and majority stakes in various public and private sector businesses.

His advice to young entrepreneurs looking to start their first business would is:

“Turn one of your hobbies or something you are really passionate about into a business, do it and you will make money”.

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