Why Is Customer Experience And Satisfaction So Important?

11th May 2020

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Elite Customer Satisfaction 95%!



Seems a pretty obvious question, so why is customer satisfaction important?

It all starts with customer experience and from there we end up with customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction not only retains customers but promotes business via organic marketing. Getting a customer is hard enough so maintaining them as long as you can is much easier than having high customer turnover.


‘Customer experience management is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.www.gartner.com


Customer experience management is about more than just serving your customers. It starts with knowing where they shop and what brand of cat food they buy. But it’s even more than that, it’s about knowing your customers so completely that you can build and deliver personalised encounters that will entice them to not only remain loyal to you but also endorse you to others – and that’s the most valuable form of advertising there is.

The most valuable and cost-effective form of advertising has always been organic, having your customers satisfied enough to sing your praise is priceless. That’s why Elite Group promote customer experience and satisfaction as a core value.

Being able to offer bespoke communication services allows Elite to tailor experience and products allowing customers to achieve their desired results much easier and more productively.

On average our first responses to tickets take just 5 minutes which puts Elite Group in the top 5% of over 1000 comparative companies according to JitBit.com

Elite’s average Ticket Resolution time of only 2 days sits us in the top 5% as well, compared to the average customer support ticket resolution time of 3 days 10 hours.

‘Sorted over the phone by remote access. Even tweaked something to make my remote access easier to use. Thank you.’

‘The Agent who helped me was extremely helpful, friendly and efficient, helping me to resolve a number of queries.’

‘My call was answered immediately and was helpful and successful. Thank you’

‘I find the help desk staff to be always friendly, helpful and efficient.’

‘Very quickly dealt with and instructions over the phone were easy to follow. Thank you.’

‘Excellent support as always.’

‘Issue sorted quickly and kept informed at all times.’

‘Excellent, first rate support from Elite yet again.  Thank you.’


Of course, we like to shout out that we have a Customer Satisfaction rating of 95%, wouldn’t you? We are all about our customers and making sure they not only get a great product to start with, but they have the back up and support should they need it.