The rise of women in technology

5th October 2020

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We Caught Up With Sarah Whyte, Via Microsoft Teams, To Discuss Her Thoughts On Women In Tech



We Caught Up With Sarah Whyte, Via Microsoft Teams, To Discuss Her Thoughts On Women In Tech

With the digital economy growing twice as fast as the wider economy, there has never been a more exciting time to be involved in tech and what used to be an almost exclusively male industry the tech industry is becoming more and more female. Nevertheless, women in the field of technology are definitely still in the minority,

Since the foundation of Elite Group in 2000, the company philosophy has always been to employ and maintain the best possible staff regardless of gender. In what has typically been a male dominated industry, woman within the group have shone through.

We spoke to Sarah Whyte our Director of Sales/Communications about the role women play in tech and her experience over the years.

‘I definitely think over the last few years we’ve seen an increase of women choosing to work in the technology industry and a rise in of women CEOs within organisations and big tech companies – it’s been really brilliant to see.

Although there is a trend for more women in senior roles the statistics are still concerning. The European Institute for Gender Equality found that among the largest publicly listed companies in the EU-28 in 2020, only 19.3% of executives and 7.9% of CEOs are women.

A 2020 analysis by Mercer of over 1,100 organisations across the globe found that women are still well underrepresented. With Executives making up just 23%, Senior managers: 29%, Managers: 37%, Professionals: 42% and female Support staff representing 47% of the workforce.

Typically, women have found it difficult to break through the glass ceiling, especially when the tech sector was dominated by men but women in tech are now forging new paths and showing that they are not only equal to there male counterparts but they also bring a fresh new approach to the industry.

Given the statistics, Sarah is optimistic about the future of women in tech and can see a positive trend looking forward, especially within Elite.

‘The great thing about Elite is that Elite have always had a really strong female role model on the board of Directors in Alex Cliffe. There also isn’t anybody within the business that isn’t prepared or supportive to working with women in more senior positions. That’s quite refreshing and it’s also nice to be a part of a team that feel that way’

Gender equality is at the core of Elite Group philosophy and CEO, Rob Sims, says they are blind to gender.

“Elite constantly looks for excellence in staff irrespective of gender. Unfortunately, over the years women have struggled to get the recognition they deserve. Elite Group are blind to gender and employ the right person for the job, like many large tech companies our philosophy has always been to employ and maintain the best possible staff” Rob Sims -Group CEO

Here at Elite, we always welcome individuality. We guarantee that your differences will be valued and encouraged because after all, that’s what makes us a better Elite. From diversity to creativity, we nurture every form of talent no matter your race, gender, age, religion, identity or experience. If we would give advice to any women looking to break into the tech industry it would be to be yourself. We at Elie Group value authenticity so just because you’re a woman it doesn’t mean you have something to prove. Also, don’t let the male-dominated stereotype discourage you from entering the field.

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