The Prince’s Trust And Elite Group Founder Matt Newing Transforming Young Lives In The North West

29th July 2020

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A Letter From The Princes Trust


Matt newing transforming young peoples lives


More than 20 years ago, Elite Group Founder, Matt Newing had a business idea. He wanted to rent out memorable free phone numbers to big companies and make money from the phone calls they received. However, he didn’t have the means to turn this idea into reality.

So, he contacted The Prince’s Trust. Believing in his entrepreneurial spirit and business concept, the organisation offered him a £1,000 grant to get started – after taking part in the Enterprise programme.

Fast forward to the present and Matt has built numerous national and international businesses, which turn over more than £75 million per annum. Despite this success, he has never forgotten his humble beginnings and contacted the Trust in 2013 with a desire to help other young people transform their lives – just like he did.

Recently Matt received a letter outlining what his philanthropy has achieved supporting young people in the North West.


‘Last year, we supported 71,724 young people across the UK. Of these, 76% took a positive step forward to secure a job, re-engage with education or training, launch their own business, or start volunteering.’


Without the support of the Prince’s Trust, Elite Group may not be what it is today and continuing to support them will hopefully see more businesses like Elite grow from this support and mentorship.


‘Over the last four years, you have enabled young people to channel their entrepreneurial spirit, pursue their dreams of business ownership, build their aspiration levels, develop their skill set and for some, simply provide them with the confidence and belief to leave the house.’


Whilst Matt is proud of the combined achievements, there is always more that can be done, and he encourages anyone with the ability to help to do so. Our future businessmen and women sometimes only need the smallest bit of encouragement and support to forge on with exciting new ideas.

Matt’s advice to young entrepreneurs….


“Turn one of your hobbies or something you are really passionate about into a business, do it and you will make money”.


Read the letter In it’s entirety here: The Prince’s Trust And Elite Group Founder Matt Newing Transforming Young Lives In The North West