The Landscape Of The Modern Workforce Is Changing And The Survey Says…

24th June 2020

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Here At Elite We’ve Surveyed Our Staff About Remote Working And The Results Are In…

How the modern workplace is changing due to coronavirus

It feels like we have been working from home now for a lot longer than we have and although today’s forced remote culture has been an adjustment for many, more and more of today’s workforce are looking forward to the possibility of working from home more often, even after the pandemic subsides.

Though the number of people working partially or fully remote has been on the rise for years now, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly pressed the fast-forward button into overdrive. With businesses focusing on ensuring remote workers remain productive during lockdown it seems that nearly every IT communications provider has offered their take on remote work best practices (ourselves included).

So, how do people actually feel about working from home, how has overall productivity been affected and what do businesses need to implement remote working effectively going forward?

When the pandemic was declared in the UK, we were quick to act fast and move our staff home. We ensured our employees had the right equipment and software to work as efficiently and effectively away from the office, but even we were somewhat worried about overall productivity and the transitioning to remote working.

Whilst the benefits of remote working have always been vocalised by those full-time remote employees, it was still somewhat surprising to us that across our business we have seen a 20% increase in productivity through the use of our very own Windows Virtual Desktop platform. With productivity up it was a natural step for us to uncover our people’s thoughts on remaining where they are or returning to the office.


The Results

And the results are in …

72% want to work part of the week from the office and part from home

It’s no secret that people value freedom of choice, so it didn’t come as a shock when a whopping 72% of Elite Group employees told us they would like to have the option to work part of the week from the office and part at home, as it lends itself to greater flexibility and productivity.

22% of Elite Group employees said they would like to work from home 100% of the time and 6% would like to work from the office full time – is it also time for your business to consider making remote working a more permanent choice?

Here at Elite Group, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke solutions for individual businesses, with that in mind we had to come up with our own solution to remote working that best suited us.


How We Incorporated Remote Working

Considering we are a communications company the implementation process was easier than most other businesses, however, the speed at which that needed to be done was a challenge.

As with all our clients, we looked at what our exact needs would be from individual teams through to the overall company needs and outcomes.

Internal communication and collaboration are key to superior client communication. Choosing the appropriate platform for our needs internally saw us implemented one of the worlds best (if not the worlds best) collaborative software platforms, Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 suite of products and has no doubt been a massive advantage through its seamless integration with all other Microsoft apps. Teams has allowed our group to communicate wherever they are, on whatever device they are using – it almost feels like we never left the office.

Being able to share ideas, work on files simultaneously, have morning video meetings with ease and more, has been invaluable. Incorporate that with our hosted desktop solution and we have found, through our research, an increase in productivity of between 10 – 25%.

Hosted Virtual Desktop is a secure cloud-based environment, which enables staff access from anywhere as if they were working from the office. It looks and feels like a regular desktop or laptop and has provided our employees with the ability to continue to work no matter where they are geographically.

Like many businesses’ IT security is important and the Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop with built-in protection against viruses, ransomware and malware attacks is class-leading technology. Our systems are penetration tested by independent 3rd party experts to ensure they are not vulnerable to external hackers allowing peace of mind in a more secure environment.

On top of all our improved communication and productivity, we have been able to ensure the wellbeing of our staff through all forms of contact whether it be voice, chat, video or email. Wellbeing checks have been more effective than ever, with staff having constant support and HR interaction on a weekly basis.

All in all, despite the fact none of us would have wished for the pandemic, the positives going forward are fantastic for everyone from business owners to employees and customers alike. The use of various cloud-based solutions allows for improved flexibility, efficiency and productivity meaning greater wellbeing outcomes as well.


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