The Benefits Of Independent Business Mobile Solutions And Communication Packages

4th May 2020

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Better Packages – Better Efficiency – Better Productivity

Traditionally many businesses would deal directly with a mobile provider assuming the benefits would be better than an independent, however, you miss out on the benefits of improved overall communication solutions. It’s not always the case that all mobiles within an organisation benefit from the same plan or even the same provider and that’s where an independent team can tailor individual users’ needs providing better expenditure outcomes.

There are many factors to consider when choosing appropriate plans whether it’s talk time, texts and data or additional features such as MDM or call recording. Elite Group can also assess whether a pool of shared data may be more suitable than individual user data packages. Having an independent provider who understands the network terms and conditions and is able to assess and suggest the best fit for your business allows for greater flexibility and savings.

Collaboration is a major factor now when it comes to having the appropriate communication packages and connectivity between devices is vital for productivity and efficiency.

Whilst many packages now include calls and texts, add-ons such as data and the cost of hardware can soon blow out without analysing end user needs.

“We’re delighted to be working with a company that takes a proactive approach to our account. Our personal account manager and the mobile team have worked exceptionally hard to provide a first-class service for our ever-expanding team.” Ian Glover – Synectics Solutions Ltd


Choosing The Right Package

Packages should be designed to fit around your business not just straight out of the box. Elite has a dedicated corporate solutions team that you can discuss your business requirements, and you are assigned a member who will become your personal contact throughout your contract. Based on their expertise and knowledge, they will meticulously analyse your usage, assess all your communication needs and recommend the best solutions for your business.


“Elite Group have become a key part of our business. They successfully manage a very complex account through their diligence and go above and beyond the requirements in order to ensure continuity for our communications.” Innes Drummond – Cogent Breeding Ltd


Independent Hardware

Elite Group offers expert advice on the latest devices and operating systems that are available on the market today, maximising on the close partnerships with leading hardware suppliers, providing the necessary leverage and access to the best value hardware available.

Having independent and personally managed services sets Elite apart from the rest and that exceptional level of service remains throughout contract tenures and beyond. Elite consider your businesses day-to-day operations and propose suitable phones or tablets, accordingly, enabling you to deploy your hardware fund more effectively.

Having an in-house technical team facilitates the technical aspects of business requirements and they can set up devices to ensure they’re business ready. Committed to providing the best possible solutions, hardware, applications, support and service, Elite’s team of business advisors tailor solutions to meet any business requirements.


Repairs And Replacements

Having a central source when you have multiple devices and even multiple providers enables better efficiency when something goes wrong. Elite understand the importance of continuity of operation should you have any faults or technical problems.

Therefore, in the event of any technical issues or damage to your hardware, we offer a rapid repair and phone replacement service. This ensures that you are able to carry on operating as normal, no matter what the circumstances.

All business mobiles supplied by Elite Group come with a full UK warranty. This means that, in the unlikely event that your handset needs to be replaced, we will be able to facilitate a swap the next day.


Multiple Options & Device Management

Elite has the ability to provide plans from multiple networks allowing for optimal performance for your business mobile demands.

Utilising our expert knowledge in plans from Vodafone, O2 and EE we can provide a hybrid system to compliment business activity and mobile communications, suiting budget conditions and requirements.

There are a range of device management solutions enabling businesses to control overspend and mobile usage, via the use of spend caps, limits and other processes.

Device and mobile threat management solutions not only give you peace of mind that your mobile fleet is secure from malware, adware and phishing attacks, is being used for work purposes in a compliant and productive manner, but also that you have central control over your devices to implement policies or instigate immediate action should they be lost or stolen.

Limits can be set on data usage, bars can be placed on certain websites and company-wide policies can be implemented to restrict use of the devices to their intended purpose. This helps to guard against potentially damaging misuse and prevents usage outside your tariff bundle and prevents unexpected bills.


The Benefits Of Independent Providers Like Elite Group

  • We are a trusted business mobile provider, proven by over 1000 businesses as clients, many of whom are long standing
  • Industry experts with extensive experience and knowledge across all three major networks
  • Award winners and accredited to the highest levels with all three major networks – recently awarded Vodafone Partner of the Year 2017/18
  • Our established relationships and direct routes into the networks give us leverage in terms of the tariffs we can offer and the level of acquisition incentive we can provide
  • We can offer a free, no-obligation consultation and analysis of your business mobile usage
  • A dedicated account manager will personally manage your account and visit you regularly
  • Your account manager provides a point of contact for you throughout your contract tenure and you will be supported by a robust UK based service desk
  • Each of our account managers have been with us for a minimum of 10 years, guaranteeing continuity for you as a customer
  • Experts in a range of additional solutions from across the business mobile spectrum including MDM, mobile threat management, workflow and call recording applications
  • We have our own purpose-built, in-house training and technology Smart Suite which can be used by your key stakeholders for demonstrations or training



Elite Groups understanding over the business mobile market and expertise in delivering independent individual options allows peace of mind for businesses, knowing they have the best possible mobile system for their specific requirements and budget.

Having a dedicated point of contact with the backup in service and delivery allows for enhanced productivity and efficiency for any business whether small or large. Utilising Elite also allows for ease of scalability should the need arise.

Contact one of our team today to discuss how we can improve your business mobile effectiveness and keep a lid on expenditure.