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The 9 Benefits Of Choosing The ‘Next Generation’ Virtual Hosted Desktop By Elite


Many businesses considering moving their IT to a private cloud-based system will be looking at a Hosted Desktop Solution however, many still don’t fully understand the business benefits this can bring. Going hosted brings many business benefits and in this article, we will round up the most compelling reasons for businesses to make the leap to a virtual hosted desktop solution.

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Could a SIP Line Improve Your Business Communications and Reduce Costs?

21st February 2020

Effective communications between your business and customers are enabled by many different channels. Whether that’s voice, video or data, the options are endless. But finding a way to centralise you...

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ActionAid in 2020

20th February 2020

Over the last few years, Elite Group have been donating to ActionAid’s Changemakers II program – which aims to advance access to quality education and transform the lives of women and children liv...

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Reducing Your IT’s Environmental Impact

14th February 2020

As we enter 2020, the environmental impact we have on our planet has become the issue of the day. Everyone now understands we have limited time to make the changes that are needed to reduce the negati...

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When Your Business Mobile Device Offers More Than Just Connectivity

11th February 2020

From providing doctors with patient data in real-time, tracking vehicle performance, and automating building systems, Machine to Machine (M2M) is transforming the way businesses operate and is creatin...

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Is Your Business Phone System Leaving a Negative Impression?

31st January 2020

Whether your customer is contacting you to find out more information, to purchase something from you or for help in fixing an issue, in all scenarios, they want the same thing. Instant gratification, ...

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Is Your IT Department Straining Under the Burden of Housekeeping?

24th January 2020

What is it that strikes fear into your organisation when it comes to your IT? Your office server goes down when you’re already struggling to meet a deadline? Your IT system is at risk of being infec...

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Is Your Legacy Phone System Fulfilling Your Communication Needs?

14th January 2020

Are you a fast-growing business that requires the ability to scale your phone system quickly or give the perception of a larger operation? Does the location of your workers often leave them ‘out of ...

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Is a Leased Line the Answer to Your Connectivity Problems?

13th January 2020

According to the Federation for Small Businesses Lost Connection report, a third of small companies (33 percent) are receiving download speeds of less than 10mbps, which is inadequate for today’s, l...

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Is Your Business Phone System Letting You Down?

8th January 2020

There are now solutions available that can bring your call and line technology up to speed, enable you to upscale simply when you need to, but not cost you more than you are already spending. And ther...

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