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The Isdn Switch Off Is Not That Far Off! So, What Do You Need To Do To Make The Move From Isdn To Sip?


In short, the process is simple and pain free with the benefit of improved cost savings, increased productivity and numerous other advantages. By choosing one expert provider for all your technology, communication and service needs, you will experience the same excellent level of knowledge and support across all your products. This increases productivity reduces complexity, improves profitability and saves you time and money.

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Our Top 5 Reasons To Consider A Cloud- Contact Centre Solution

9th October 2020

As we know, the world of IT is moving into the cloud and that’s no different for contact centres. CCaaS is leading the charge for call centre innovation with many businesses choosing to replace thei...

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The Rise Of Women In Technology

5th October 2020

If we would give advice to any women looking to break into the tech industry it would be to be yourself. We at Elie Group value authenticity so just because you’re a woman it doesn’t mean you have...

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Working For Elite Group – The Teamwork, Positives, Downsides, Pressure And Why?

25th September 2020

Elite believe in the premise that ‘success breeds success’ and is constantly looking for fresh talent and expertise to join our ever-expanding team. Elite makes a significant investment in trainin...

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5g Is Set To Improve And Radicalise The Way We Do Business – Now And Into The Future

18th September 2020

5th generation cellular network technology is set to radically transform the way we do business, allow for emerging tech to flourish and enhance our everyday lives. According to an Ericsson survey, 92...

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Congratulations Jennifer Leahy On 9 Years At Elite Group

15th September 2020

Since founding the company in 2000, Matt Newing’s philosophy has always been to employ and maintain the best possible staff. Jennifer Leahy, Senior Contracts Manager, is no exception. At Elite Group...

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What Does The Modern Workplace Look Like Now Compared To Just 12 Months Ago?

10th September 2020

The modern world changes at a fast pace, but never faster than in the last 12 months. Whilst technological changes are continuously happening the pandemic intensified change in the modern workplace be...

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MWL Systems Bolsters The Elite Group Offering

1st September 2020

The well-established technology provider was specifically chosen by Elite as a direct result of the company’s team of highly qualified IT experts, as well as its unparalleled reputation for reliable...

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The Challenges Of Remote Working And How To Overcome Them

24th August 2020

While there are many challenges that come with remote working, there are also many solutions that enable those challenges to be overcome. Trying to understand how these products work best for your bus...

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Technology And Employee Retention Go Hand In Hand To Save Businesses Time And Money

18th August 2020

Gen Z has a deep understanding of how technology can transform the way we work and live. That’s why 80% said they aspire to work with cutting-edge technology, 91% said technology would influence job...

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