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Elite Group Founder, Matt Newing, Wins Entrepreneur Of The Year At The Comms National Awards


Matt Newing, founder of business communications and technology provider, Elite Group, has been named Entrepreneur of the year at the Comms National Awards 2020.  ‘This is a reward for both me and the team. I couldn’t have done this without our people, they have enabled me to win this award so they should get the credit.’  

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Microsoft Teams Features And Innovations Allowing For Improved Collaboration And More

20th July 2020

Since its inception, Microsoft Teams has revolutionised the way we communicate and collaborate, allowing a plethora of features to enhance everything we do in the workplace. Ongoing improvements are b...

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Getting through the COVID-19 Crisis: Tips from Tech Entrepreneur of the Year, Matt Newing

17th July 2020

As a successful tech entrepreneur and investor, I have many minority and majority stakes in a number of businesses, most of which are tech related, interspersed with a couple of property businesses. T...

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What Is Perimeter Security? The Basics And Why We Need It.

10th July 2020

Perimeter Security technologies provide a range of security services from basic firewall protection through to end-to-end security for your network and business. Why do we need security systems for ou...

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The 9 Benefits Of Choosing The ‘Next Generation’ Virtual Hosted Desktop By Elite

30th June 2020

Many businesses considering moving their IT to a private cloud-based system will be looking at a Hosted Desktop Solution however, many still don’t fully understand the business benefits this can bri...

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The Landscape Of The Modern Workforce Is Changing And The Survey Says…

24th June 2020

So, how do people actually feel about working from home, how has overall productivity been affected and what do businesses need to implement remote working effectively going forward? Here At Elite We...

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Communication & Internet Connectivity – Changing The Landscape Of Business Productivity For Everyone

19th June 2020

Covering all forms of communication connectivity from collaboration and hosted desktop through to mobile solutions, Elite Group has the knowledge and partners to connect your business. Let’s look at...

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Looking to Protect Your Business Mobile? Try Our 10 Top Tips for Better Security

18th June 2020

These days, our business mobiles are used for a lot more than just making calls. Thanks to the power of the Internet and increasingly feature rich smartphones, our business mobiles are often hand-held...

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Post Covid 19 – Moving To Greener Pastures Reducing Your Businesses Carbon Footprint

12th June 2020

Elite Group has numerous options when it comes to supporting remote working environments like ‘Teams Talk’ and Microsoft 365 combined with Hosted Virtual Desktop. Investing in the right technology...

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Hosted Desktop, Virtual Desktop, Cloud Hosted Desktop – You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato

9th June 2020

So, where to from here and what does the future look like for Technology? Having your data stored securely offsite utilising a hosted service, in a data centre, allows for maximum flexibility within y...

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