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A Behind The Scenes Chat With James Dawson, Head Of Software Development At Elite Group.


James Dawson is our Head of Software Development and explains how his team of developers came up with this innovative solution.  Recently we discussed the innovative software App, developed to help companies ensure that their staff can work safely and securely when returning to the office.    

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Is the UK Shifting to a Mobile-Centric Workforce?

5th October 2018

In a recent study by OFCOM, it was revealed that businesses across the UK are increasingly moving away from landlines. In 2010, UK firms had more than 10 million landline numbers, but by the end of la...

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What Is DaaS? (Desktop as a Service ) And Do You Need It?

1st October 2018

Like most “-aaS” acronyms, the “aaS” in “DaaS” stands for “as-a-service”.  But what about the “D”. Well, that stands for “desktop”. Put it all together and we get “desktop-a...

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VoIP or PSTN? Cloud-Based or Onsite? What Type of Phone System Is Best

20th September 2018

Technology is moving fast. But some things never change. One of those things is the ability to make and receive voice communications. Despite new technologies such as email, SMS and video-calling ...

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Elite Group Reaches Finals for Three CNA Awards

17th September 2018

The Comms National Awards is the UK communication industry’s biggest and most prestigious recognition programme. Founded in 1999, the CNAs were established to recognise quality across the channel s...

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MPLS in 2018: Is MPLS Dead?

12th September 2018

MPLS is dead. That’s the word on the street (or more likely in the boardroom). But is it true? Has the time of MPLS really been and gone? Although some are claiming that MPLS is fast becoming a red...

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Is Your Business Mobile Provider Giving You Good Enough Customer Service?

3rd September 2018

As a business mobile provider we often talk to customers who have experienced poor customer service and aftercare once the initial contract has been signed with their previous supplier. A business ...

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8 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Hosted Desktop

30th August 2018

More and more businesses are opting for a hosted desktop solution. Going hosted confers many business benefits. In this article, we list eight of them. But first, it is worthwhile giving an overview ...

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A VoIP Crash Course (For SMEs)

22nd August 2018

According to the Ofcom’s recent report, SMEs’ Communications Needs, many SMEs have concerns about migrating to VoIP – even though there are significant advantages to doing so. According to the ...

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Leased Lines: What Business Owners Should Know

14th August 2018

The internet plays a crucial role in the way the majority of businesses operate today. But the telecoms and communications world is a confusing one. And this means that many business owners are using ...

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