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Is Your Legacy Phone System Fulfilling Your Communication Needs?

Are you a fast-growing business that requires the ability to scale your phone system quickly or give the perception of a larger operation? Does the location of your workers often leave them ‘out of the loop’? Is your IT department constantly reviewing why calls are dropping?

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What Would Happen If the Entire Internet Went Down?

The internet has crept into almost every part of our lives. Imagining a world without is not only difficult, it's scary! We use the internet for everything. We use it for life-admin and work. We use ...

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8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose an Independent Mobile Provider

When it comes to choosing the right business mobile provider, many businesses are confused. To help, we have identified eight key reasons why we believe choosing an independent provider is often the r...

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5 Breakthrough Technologies Of 2018

Technology is progressing so quickly that it can feel almost impossible to keep up. In fact, it seems journalists write about the launch of some new technology that has the ability to completely revo...

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What Is 5G and When Are We Getting It?

You’ve probably heard of 5G. But perhaps you’re not sure what it is. You know it’s supposed to be good. But you’re not sure why. Well, you wouldn’t be alone. Although mobile phone technolog...

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What Is Wireless Electricity and When’s It Coming?

When we think about electronics, wires and cables naturally spring to mind. Indeed, conceiving of electronics without wires and cables may seem almost impossible. But that may be about to change. Niko...

Read More Becomes Elite Group

To reflect how much our business has changed, we have launched an exciting new brand. The rebranding process included significant market repositioning, changing’s trading name to Elite...

Read More acquires Support Span

On 19 January, Elite Group (formerly trading as acquired Support Span Group Ltd (trading as HighSpan), a specialist provider of telephony system solutions, with expertise in converged V...

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Why Customer Service Is Critical in Telecoms

Money Telecoms makes the world go round. Indeed, communications technology is at the very centre of our lives. Whether it’s messaging a friend or taking an important business call, it’s comms tech...

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A Beginner’s Guide To MPLS

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a high-performance telecommunications data-carrying technique used to connect multiple sites and remote workers. Using an MPLS solution, businesses are able to ...

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