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What Is Perimeter Security? The Basics And Why We Need It.


Perimeter Security technologies provide a range of security services from basic firewall protection through to end-to-end security for your network and business. Why do we need security systems for our networks? The statistics speak for themselves.

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Digital Transformation and Business Comms: Make 2019 The Year You Get Up To Date

14th January 2019

Digital technology has changed to world dramatically. Almost every area of life – from grocery shopping to finding love – has been revolutionised by technological advances. And the business world...

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Collaboration: Why and How Your Business Should Foster It

18th December 2018

As management consultant and author Ken Blanchard said, “None of us is as smart as all of us”. Yet many businesses are still not capitalising on the power of teamwork. This is odd since today’s...

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How to Ensure Your Business Telephone System Is Christmas-Ready

14th December 2018

There’s no doubt about it, Christmas is a magical time of the year. But, for businesses, it can also be a challenging one. If your business is in retail or hospitality, you may expect to get much b...

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Do Christmas Lights Really Slow Down Your Wi-Fi?

12th December 2018

Anecdotally, it’s often claimed that, once the fairy lights go up, the Wi-Fi slows down. Unless you’ve experienced the phenomenon of Christmas lights slowing down Wi-Fi first-hand, this can sound...

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11 National and International Telephone Numbers Everyone in The UK Should Know

3rd December 2018

Your smartphone is an amazing thing. Not only does it let you make calls to local and international numbers, you can also use it to plan a journey, order food or even book a holiday! But more importa...

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Which UK and International Numbers Are the Most Expensive to Call?

23rd November 2018

Not many things are worse than a large, unexpected phone bill. And no one knows this better than a man by the name of Yahaya Wahab who, in 2007, received a £194 trillion phone bill nearly a year aft...

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Is It Time to Upgrade to A Hosted Contact Centre?

20th November 2018

In today’s competitive business landscape, one of the most important brand differentiators is customer service. Whether it’s to ask a question, raise a query or lodge a complaint, customers shoul...

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Remote Desktop: Hosted Desktop Vs Virtual Desktop

15th November 2018

Cloud computing has ushered in many fantastic new business solutions. But, with certain technologies sounding as though they do very similar things, business owners can often be confused as to which ...

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How Getting an International Number Can Help Grow Your Business Overseas

9th November 2018

All businesses are looking to grow. But the world is a competitive place, and there’s only room for so many at the top. Still, for those in the know, there are plenty of innovative, cost-effective w...

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