Our top 5 reasons to consider a cloud Contact Centre solution

9th October 2020

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Customer experience is now the most essential consideration for any business.


Customer experience is now the most essential consideration for any business.

Even with the world’s best product, features or price points, you’ll struggle to engage your audience and customers if you’re not delivering meaningful and valuable customer service they expect.

Contact Centres still form the heart of the interactions between companies and their customers but the old-fashioned or traditional contact centre might not be as efficient as it was once. As the marketplace and customer needs change a traditional contact centre model might be holding your business evolve with the times.

As we know, the world of IT is moving into the cloud and that’s no different for contact centres. CCaaS is leading the charge for call centre innovation with many businesses choosing to replace their traditional on-premises contact centre infrastructure .

“By 2022, contact centre as a service will be the preferred adoption model in 50% of contact centres, up from approximately 10% in 2019.” Additionally, the report predicts that speech interfaces will initiate 70% of self-service customer interactions by 2023, an increase from 40% today.’ gartner.com

CCaaS is steadily on its way to becoming the option of choice for meeting customer expectations but let’s take a look at to why you should consider CCaaS.



Traditionally on-site hardware systems require extensive capital outlay as well as maintenance and internal support costs to maintain, manage and upgrade. Investing in cloud-based solutions allows for more predictable costs giving you the flexibility to scale as and when you need to. They also allow for enhanced maintenance capabilities should the need arise as well as the benefit of ongoing upgrades and no need for internal staff to maintain the system.



Without the need for expensive and fixed hardware, cloud-based CCaaS solutions give you the opportunity to scale up and down whenever you need to. With the modern workforce changing rapidly, cloud-based CCaaS, allows for no geographical ties enhancing scalability no matter where you want to run your business from. Whether it be remote working for employees or a new opportunity in another region or country, the ability to scale rapidly is simple.



Maintaining and managing your own hardware can be costly and challenging to deliver efficiencies in redundancy. The pace at which technology is emerging can put a massive strain on redundancy and legacy issues. Cloud-based solutions offer the ultimate in redundancy and resiliency with no need to outlay for hardware-based backup systems. This also allows for minimal geographical ties to traditional office-based workforces, lowering costs and adding even more flexibility.



Because cloud-based CCaaS solutions allow for non-geographic integration, remote working is simple and effective. Given the way we now work, this kind of system integration means businesses can not only have a more flexible and scalable workforce, they can also spread a wider net for the best employees. It also makes for better resilience and the ability to react swiftly and efficiently, no matter what future disruptive events occur. In turn, office spaces can be smaller and more mobile with the ability to react swiftly to any future changes.


Client Satisfaction

In house systems can be cumbersome and slow to react to customer needs, often left behind by budget constraints. A Non hardware-based solution gives the opportunity for continuous upgrades with full feature sets and/or the ability to add as you need to or choose features for your specific requirements. And this, in turn, lets you target the specific outcomes needed for complete customer experiences and the ultimate client satisfaction.

Solutions like the Elite Storm Cloud Contact Centre cover all CCaaS challenges.

With a single agent user interface Elite Storm Cloud Contact Centre means you can view an entire conversation even when a customer switches channels offering a more personalised experience. With intelligent routing to serve customers quicker, live dashboards, wallboards and reports our Cloud Based system increases contact centre efficiency.


Elite Storm

Elite Storm is a highly scalable and resilient cloud-based contact centre allowing agents access to customer information without leaving the app. Agents can work from anywhere allowing for improved business continuity, ensuring your contact centre continues to operate during periods where you would otherwise be discounted from your customers. Integration with secure payment systems, as well as management information, allows you to deliver a seamless, highly functional environment. Assimilation with 3rd-party systems, including CRM, provides agents with the necessary information to provide consistent cross-channel customer service.

With the cost-saving potential as well as its resilience, reliability and scalability, it’s the common-sense option for any organisation looking to be truly always-on, and to provide customers with a first class experience. The benefits of moving to cloud-based CCaaS can transform business communications and the process of switching is simple and safe, even for the most risk averse of businesses.


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