Isdn Switch Off 2025: What Are The Impacts And How Will It Really Affect Your Business?

4th December 2020

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The Timeline And What You Need To Know About The Openreach Switch Off.


The Timeline And What You Need To Know About The Openreach Switch Off.

We’ve already gone passed some of the key dates since the switch off was announced in 2017 and there are now only 4 years left until businesses need to make the switch. In 2018 Openreach started their strategy of a fibre First communications network with the goal to improve the system and make it available to everyone. Whilst many have already made the switch there are still numerous businesses that haven’t.

Internet and cloud-based phone systems are a major positive for businesses with improved features, scalability and cost savings. Openreach has been rolling out fibre at a rapid pace and if it’s not available to you already, it soon will be.


‘Ultra-reliable, gigabit-ready Full Fibre broadband is going to be available to another 3.2 million homes and businesses in the hardest to reach parts of the UK by the mid-2020’s as part of Openreach’s new plans.

We’re already well on the way to delivering reliable and fast broadband across the UK; over 3 million homes and businesses are already able to connect to Full Fibre broadband.

We’ve pledged to invest a massive £12 billion to connect more than 20 million premises over the coming years, including 3.2 million homes and businesses in harder to reach areas.’


How does it affect your business?

If you are currently operating with an ISDN or PSTN line the switch off will have implications  for you. If you have a fixed landline it may have an impact on you and those with internet-based systems will not be affected. Disruption to your business communications should be minimal if you have an appropriate plan in place. Switching from the tired copper-based system to a digital alternative is an easy process. The best option is to talk to an expert communications provider, like Elite Group, for a solution that will better suit your individual needs.


What are your options?

The two main options are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or Session Initiated Protocol trunking (SIP) solutions. Both are more cost effective and reliable than traditional telephony creating future proof communications for your business. These can be utilised in various ways depending on your needs and can be combined with other products for bespoke communication solutions.

SIP provides a highly flexible alternative to traditional voice services and is compatible with all the leading IP PBX brands in the UK market, supporting connections ranging from 2 channels for businesses with small PBXs to solutions with no limit on the number of channels for larger enterprises and contact centres.

With a SIP solution, you get a service that is more robust and cost-effective than traditional voice services.

Hybrid telephone system solutions give you the benefits and enterprise-level features associated with Hosted and VoIP – including DDI, voicemail, conference calling and  advanced IVR features – while allowing you to retain complete control and ownership of your existing hardware.

A hybrid telephone system solution makes it easy to transition to a hosted solution without making existing hardware redundant.

Hybrid telephone system solutions excel in situations where businesses have remote or secondary offices. A Hybrid telephone system allows you to deploy new sites without investing in new infrastructure whilst maintaining your existing hardware.

Hosted phone systems allow for greater flexibility and are fast becoming the preferred option for many business communication systems.

According to research, your business could save anywhere between 50-70% by switching to a hosted phone system. Using VoIP technology can help your business significantly reduce call costs to local, national, and international numbers, so you can save money by making those vital business calls over the internet rather than analogue phone lines. A hosted phone system can also drive your profitability in more subtle ways- whether that’s boosting productivity with better call control features, flexible working options and built-in business continuity or saving you time and money on IT maintenance,  management and optimisation that can be re-invested in other areas of your business.

Although there is a reasonable amount of time left until the switch off it’s advised that companies, at worst, have a plan for their communication needs going forward. From 2023 there is a ‘stop sell’ on new ISDN lines or upscale of existing ISDN and multi-line services.


So, when it’s time to renew your communications contract keep in mind that switching to a digital product should be part of your plan.


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