Is Your Legacy Phone System Fulfilling Your Communication Needs?

14th January 2020

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Sounds crazy in this day and age, but many businesses still use problematic legacy phone systems which often fail, leaving customers, clients and colleagues unable to get in contact when they need. This can be hugely damaging to sales and brand reputation – and is a customer service headache that most businesses don’t need.



According to a study by Google, 61 percent of mobile users call a business when they’re in the purchase phase of the buying cycle. The ‘conversation economy’ is ripe for growth, but could you be falling short at the first hurdle?

Are you a fast-growing business that requires the ability to scale your phone system quickly or give the perception of a larger operation? Does the location of your workers often leave them ‘out of the loop’? Is your IT department constantly reviewing why calls are dropping?

If you answered yes to any of the above, now could be the time to switch to a hosted telephone system. A hosted telephone system is a fully integrated communications solution hosted by a third party.

Need convincing? Here are five great reasons to invest in a high quality, reliable hosted telephone system:

  1. Pain-Free Maintenance and Business Continuity

With a hosted telephone system, the vendor handles all maintenance as well as call routing and switching in addition to all features of your phone system via a virtual platform. The risk of expensive outages will be minimised with calls quickly being redirected to other lines (including mobile phones) to ensure business continuity. The IT department is then left to focus on more pressing issues rather than maintaining the phone system.

  1. Bring the organisation together easily

Boost collaboration by allowing staff to quickly and easily work together – no matter their location. Ideal for homeworkers or salespeople constantly on the move – no matter the size of your organisation – a hosted telephone system provides seamless extension dialling, ring groups and number reporting.

  1. Gain an Edge on Customer Communication Handling

Human conversation remains the primary way people make complex and high-value purchases, as well as emotional decisions. In sectors such as healthcare, insurance, travel and lending – where consumers are making a ‘considered purchase’ – many customers will do their research online but will pick up the phone or go to an online chat function to talk to someone when they make the transaction. Run your business to the highest possible standards with an omni-channel contact centre that delivers an exceptional and smooth customer experience. Call functionality is an important factor in customer experience. For example, are customers given hold music? Think about the journey a customer will go on during their communication experience with your business.

  1. Boost Business Reputation Effectively

You can give the impression that you are a much larger operation with smoother call handling. Functions such as auto attendant and directory assistance mean that calls can be transferred with ease to the most relevant person. Run your business to the highest standards with collaboration tools, soft phones, mobile clients, plus all the features of an on-premise phone system.

  1. Minimise Costs and Scale Quickly

Reduce the cost of calling by placing calls over the internet with a hosted telephone system rather than relying on the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Your business will be able to scale quickly by working across different sites – no matter where in the world they are located. You can grow your business without having to install and replace your on-premise phone system.

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