Is Your Business Phone System Leaving a Negative Impression?

31st January 2020

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For many of your customers, the first time they’ll gain an impression of your business is through your call centre. The experience they receive from your business phone system and the manner of the call attendant will determine whether that impression is a positive or negative one. Long waiting times, abandoned calls and needing to repeat a query multiple times before they’re routed to the right attendant are common bugbears.

Do you know if your business is guilty of these?

Let’s take the journey of your customer through your business phone system.

First Impressions

Whether your customer is contacting you to find out more information, to purchase something from you or for help in fixing an issue, in all scenarios, they want the same thing. Instant gratification, a hassle-free experience and first contact resolution. When it comes to your business telephone system, their first impressions will predominantly be technology related. Was the phone system easy to navigate? Were they quickly routed to the right person?

Telephony is still consumers’ favourite way of communicating with businesses, but many companies still have in place systems that let their customers down. Here are some of the latest telephony solutions to optimise your call handling and create a positive first impression:

  • Hosted IVR solutions make it possible to answer 100%. With easy voice and keypad navigation functions, you can handle unlimited calls simultaneously, ensuring you never miss a potential sale.
  • Bespoke call queuing helps your business reduce abandoned calls by 90%. You can effectively queue up to 100 calls simultaneously and easily specify which agent receives which calls via skills-based routing. Customers can even opt for a call back, further maintaining customer satisfaction.
  • Alerting the customer to the fact that their call will be recorded is another way to provide reassurance and to demonstrate you are committed to customer service excellence. Customers will feel comforted by the fact that their call is just as important as any other to you and that your conduct is professional.
  • Before your customer even speaks to an agent, you can humanise the experience for them with professional IVR voicing solutions. By choosing a crafted script and a tone of voice that suits your brand style, you can make new customers feel welcome and existing customers feel looked after.

Second Impressions

Your customer has now successfully navigated through your business phone system and is ready to speak to an agent. Now you’re able to create a deeper connection with the customer. But how are your agents handling customer calls? Are they able to resolve issues effectively? Does their conduct and manner positively represent your business?

Excellent customer service comes with effective call handler training and guidelines. Monitoring agents and the way they are representing your business is crucial for business continuity. Here is how your business phone system can help to manage your frontline call handlers:

  • Inbound call recording is ideal for call centres looking to implement stringent controls and improve quality of service. Outbound call recording helps companies determine the effectiveness of their agents’ sales techniques.
  • A hosted call recording system allows you to train and monitor staff, provide a higher level of customer satisfaction and create an archive of phone calls. Using a simple and intuitive user interface, you will be able to access your recordings from any location – as well as gain a real-time, interactive view of your data.
  • To take it a step further, a hosted contact centre solution makes it easy to expand your customer service capabilities with enterprise level functionalities. It can easily integrate with your CRM offering web-based wallboards that display agent productivity and performance against SLAs. A customisable dashboard ensures you’re monitoring the most critical metrics effectively in a format that suits you (whether that’s a simple table and graphical chart). This makes it easier than ever to monitor and improve your interactions with customers.

Lasting Impression

When examining the journey of your customer, it’s also important to consider how they will feel after their call. What will be their lasting impression of your business? For example, in what ways did the agent go above and beyond when helping the customer? Is this something that can be replicated across the board through training?

This factor is hugely important when making an emotional purchase, but it’s also important for any customer when making a transaction through your business phone system.

Above all, customers need to feel reassured that their financial data is safe with you. PCI compliance is mandatory for any business taking card payments over the internet or the phone. PCI call recording solutions show that your business is committed to keeping your customers’ information safe, and ensures you remain on the right side of the law. These solutions allow you to easily pause and resume recording so that sensitive data never makes it into the archives.

Finally, post call surveys allow you to track customer experiences. They demonstrate to the customer that you are committed to quality, excellence and continual improvement.

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