Is Your Business Mobile Provider Giving You Good Enough Customer Service?

As a business mobile provider, we often talk to customers who have experienced poor customer service and aftercare once the initial contract had been signed with their previous supplier.

Many business mobile providers offer attractive headline tariffs but then fail to deliver when their clients need them most. A business mobile solution can be a vital element of a business’s processes and many firms rely on them on a day-to-day basis. If something goes wrong with your mobile or you need to make a change to your account, how easy is it to deal with your current provider?

At Elite Group, we place equal importance on both the initial package that we offer to our customers and ongoing account management. It is important as a business that we retain customers at their contract renewal and we can only achieve that by providing a premium level of customer service and sales aftercare.

Do You Want Better Business Mobile Customer Service


Is Your Account Manager Easily Contactable?

We talk to many customers who have experienced great difficulty in speaking to someone on a one-to-one basis, someone that knows their account, when it comes to their previous providers. At Elite Group, we not only provide you with a personal account manager, but also a named in-house UKbased customer service representative specifically aligned to your account. Because of this, you are certain to be able to speak to a person who knows you and your account so that they can start to help you right away.

We also document all correspondence on our stateoftheart CRM system, allowing us to pick up on any previous conversations and continue to resolve your issue without going over everything again.


What Happens When Things Go Wrong?

It’s important to know that when things go wrong, you have a provider who can sort your issue quickly and effectively. If you don’t have personal support in place, then rectifying an issue can become a drawn out and frustrating experience.

With our high-level partnerships with the major networks, we have the ability to (if necessary) escalate issues to the highest level of the network. However, most issues can be sorted by us with minimum fuss and with minimal disruption to your business. We have in-house technical support should your issue be of a technical nature, and offer a phone replacement service, so that if your handset is damaged, you have a working handset to use in the meantime.

You’ll be assigned a case number, so that any work that is carried out is monitored through to its conclusion.


Do You Get Regular Account Reviews?

Many providers will sign their customer to a contract and then not contact them again until contract renewal. At Elite Group, we believe in regularly reviewing your account, as we realise that things change within a business all the time.

In that way, we are able to ensure that you are continuing to achieve best value from your contract for its duration and that you can address anything face to face with your account manager.


Do You Feel Wanted By Your Current Provider?

Many business mobile providers see you as a number to add to their figures and are more interested in ongoing revenue than managing your account effectively. It is testament to our consistent approach that many of our customers have been with us for several years, and through several contract cycles.

That’s because we put our customers first and ensure that they are receiving the best value service possible. We aim to forge close relationships with our customers to ensure that they are comfortable to discuss issues with us and that they can rely on us. All of our account managers have been with us for in excess of eight years and therefore offer continuity to your account.


So, when you are next considering your business mobile renewal, ask yourself whether you are achieving the best customer experience from your current provider. If the answer is no, then maybe it’s time to talk to Elite Group.