Is It Time to Upgrade to A Hosted Contact Centre?

In today’s competitive business landscape, one of the most important brand differentiators is customer service.

Whether it’s to ask a question, raise a query or lodge a complaint, customers should feel as though they’ve received the best possible service throughout their interaction with your business. By using a good contact centre solution, businesses can create personalised experiences across all communication channels, improve productivity by rationalising tasks and, ultimately, increase profitability by attracting and retaining more customers.

Like everything in today’s fast-paced world, contact centre solutions have changed substantially in the last few years. Perhaps the biggest change is the move away from on-site contact centres toward hosted contact centre solutions.

So, is it time for you to upgrade to a hosted contact centre solution?


Should You Move To A Cloud Contact Centre


What Is A Hosted Contact Centre?

Hosted contact centres are cloud-based solutions. This means your hosted contact centre provider will give you access to everything you need to manage effective inbound and outbound communications remotely.

A good hosted contact centre will allow you to do everything an on-site solution does. This includes sophisticated IVR, skills-based routing, script building, automated call-back, screen popping, voice recording, predictive dial, list management, multi-number dialling, lead management, CLI presentation and much more. A hosted contact centre can also be integrated quickly and easily with your existing phone system.

There are many benefits to choosing a hosted call centre over an on-site solution. These include:

  • Rapid, Non-Disruptive Installation

Because your hosted contact centre solution will integrate with your existing system, getting your new contact centre set up is quick and painless. Unlike installing a traditional hardwired solution, your business can get set up with a hosted contact centre rapidly and with minimal disruption.

  • Reduced Capital Expenditure (Typically Zero Hardware Investment Is Required)

Typically, when you choose a hosted contact centre solution, no investment is required in hardware. This significantly reduces the installation costs and allows more businesses than ever to benefit from an enterprise-grade contact centre solution.

  • Simplified Solution Management

Because you will not be responsible for maintaining your contact centre’s hardware or software, you will save money and time managing your contact centre. The resources you save can then be redistributed toward priority projects, allowing you to achieve your goals quicker and more effectively.

  • Enhanced Scalability

A cloud-based contact centre is fully scalable. This means that, if you’re anticipating a period of growth or seasonal call influxes, your system can scale to meet your needs in an instant. Unlike a traditional on-site call centre solution, such expansion requires very little investment and can be completed very quickly.

  • Robust Disaster Recovery

With an on-site contact centre solution, if there’s an issue that prevents your staff from accessing your office, your whole business will be unable to operate until access is restored. With a hosted contact centre, you can instantly reroute calls to any location with an internet connection – meaning your business can carry on operating in any circumstances.

At Elite Group, we offer a host of additional services to ensure your hosted contact centre delivers exactly as you need it to.



We design and implement bespoke IVR solutions. This ensures that no incoming call goes unanswered and allows you to make a great first-impression on everyone who calls your business. Our IVR solutions can be used to push calls away from agents to increase productivity and can be integrated into existing CRM platforms.

Call Recording

Perfect for businesses looking to monitor and increase call satisfaction, our inbound and outbound call recording solutions are scalable and can accommodate home workers and mobile calls. This allows you to continually monitor business performance, assess how agents handle customer calls and remain PCI compliant with any relevant legislation. For more information about PCI compliance and call recording legislation, see Is Your Call Centre Call Recording Process Legal?  

Professional Voicing

By humanising your IVR solution, you can significantly improve customer experience. Our professional voice artists have a wealth of experience recording for IVR solutions. We offer a range of talent – including artists of all ages, genders and accents – and can record scripts in more than 40 languages.


Are you looking for a hosted contact centre solution? Elite Group is the UK’s leading unified communications provider and can provide your business with a high-quality hosted contact centre solution that will keep your business on the right side of the law.