How Well Do You Manage Your Business Mobile Fleet?

21st June 2018

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As a business leader, it’s important you know you can rely on your communications solutions. This is especially true for those using mobile devices.

So ask yourself:

  • What would I do if I lost a phone? How would I protect my sensitive data?
  • How would a data protection breach impact my business?
  • Do I know what my devices are being used for?
  • How do I prevent my employees downloading non-compliant applications to their devices?
  • Have I ever had issues with huge data usage and/or a shock bill?
  • How do I protect my business against mobile malware?

At Elite Group, we know that these questions are important. And, using IBM MaaS360 – a unified endpoint management solution – we can address them. This means that you can relax in the knowledge your business devices are properly protected.

Here’s how we do it.


Improve Your Business Mobile Package With IBM MaaS360


User Compliance

Many businesses supply their employees with a mobile device. This means that they place a certain amount of trust that these devices will be used for appropriate work-based purposes. This can be risky as it has the potential for users to access inappropriate websites or apps. It can also lead to excessive data usage which, in turn, can create additional costs to a business.

The impact of accessing inappropriate websites or apps is two-fold. In the first instance, the business could be hacked or become the victim of a cyber-attack via nefarious websites. This has the potential for company-wide IT outage and, therefore, can have a devastating impact on productivity and credibility.

The second impact of accessing inappropriate websites or apps is the fact that this may indicate that a mobile device is not being used for work-based activities during working hours. This can severely reduce productivity if employees are wasting time updating social media or accessing non-work related websites.

Studies show that where a mobile device management solution is in place, productivity increases significantly. With IBM MaaS360, you will have complete visibility and control of your iOS, macOS, Android and Windows devices.


Expense Management

Now that most employees have access to smartphone devices, the potential for an increase in data consumption and additional costs is a real concern. Services that consume a large amount of data – such as YouTube, Spotify and Netflix – can quickly lead to unpredictable data usage which can be a real problem for fleet managers. Although many companies put in place an acceptable usage policy, this is very difficult to enforce without utilising a data cap.

IBM MaaS360 offers the perfect solution to managing the usage of your devices effectively. The solution allows you to blacklist or whitelist websites or apps from a central control point. This can be modified for specific devices, dependent on the needs of each individual. For example, the marketing team may need access to social media sites whereas other employees may not.

From a data usage perspective, the amount used can be monitored across all devices from a central platform and managers can apply limits and set alerts when nearing individual caps.



GDPR has introduced an additional layer when it comes to data protection policies and data management. A mobile fleet can provide an opening for hackers or inadvertent data leaks. The fines for data breaches are huge – and could even put some companies out of business. Therefore, it is vital to put in place the necessary measures.

IBM MaaS360 is GDPR-ready. The solution increases operational efficiency and maximises data security. By design, MaaS360 does not store any data on its servers: instead, it stores data within a secure container on the device itself. The MaaS360 cloud service and product teams have no visibility of it.


Asset Protection

Employees access sensitive data from their mobile device on a daily basis. Sometimes, this means using exposed Wi-Fi and cellular connections. This in itself can be a security issue.

Additionally, have you thought about what would happen when a device is lost or stolen? How does your business react? How does it ensure that the lost data is secure but also retrievable?

IBM MaaS360 addresses both issues. From a data protection point of view, the fleet manager can specify passcode policies and encryption settings to protect the device should it be hacked or fall into the wrong hands. Additionally, device features – such as the camera, screen capture and cloud backup – can be restricted which further reduces the exposure of sensitive data.

From an asset protection perspective, IBM MaaS360 enables the fleet manager to locate a device using GPS tracking. The device can also be remotely locked or wiped should it be lost or stolen, minimising potential risk. In the event that the device is stolen, the ability to locate it can be of great benefit to law enforcement.


Cyber-Attack Protection

Even legitimate websites and apps have the potential for cyber-attacks. A cyber-attack on a mobile device linked to your company will effectively throttle your business. Often users are unaware that they have downloaded a malicious or rogue application until it is too late. How long will it take your business to recover and start to function and trade again?

IBM MaaS360 offers the best solution to mobile threat management. It has the functionality to detect mobile malware and remediate the problem automatically. The solution will also notify users when malware is detected and automatically uninstall affected apps. As an additional layer of protection, the solution detects apps with malware signatures and malicious behaviour from a continually updated database.

Elite Group offer a range of business mobile solutions, and can help to integrate IBM MaaS360 into your business – using our expertise to customise it to your needs. This article was written by Jane Turner, Key Account Manager. Should you wish to find out more about this solution, please call Jane Turner on 0333 1224 897.