How Flexible Working Could Save Your Business From The Negative Impacts Of Coronavirus?

5th March 2020

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When it comes to Coronavirus, lots of questions remain unanswered.

How contagious is it? Will authorities be able to contain it?

When can we expect a true outbreak to hit the UK?

Why Your business Should Foster Colalboration

One thing, however, is much more certain – Coronavirus will have a significant impact on UK businesses. In fact, the Prime Minister recently announced that up to a fifth (6 million) of all UK workers could be off sick or having to self-isolate or have been required to remain at home.

For some businesses, this will be incredibly disruptive or in some instances catastrophic. For other, more flexible businesses, it’s much less of a concern.  To help support UK businesses we are providing the following services and advice:

  • How will your business communicate with its staff, customers and suppliers?

 To support your business continuity, we will provide a new 0300 or 0344 number free of charge on our inbound platform; giving you full control of when and where to route your calls.

We can also activate a Virtual Receptionist that will answer and redirect all your incoming calls in the UK, abroad or to mobiles.  This means your business won’t miss a call from customers or suppliers, during times when you may be struggling to get calls answered or dealt with.

  • How can you ensure your staff working from home are secure online?

We will provide your business free of charge 1 year’s internet security licenses for each member of staff who are required to work from home to ensure that their devices are protected from viruses before connecting to your business networks.

  • How can you ensure business critical systems are remotely accessed securely?

One of the most important challenges with business continuity planning is providing your staff with remote access to critical IT systems during prolonged periods of disruption. This normally includes email, finance systems, Payroll, CRM and general office documents.

We have years of experience in providing robust technology solutions that enable your business to continue operating in the event of a disaster (flood, fire, theft or pandemic). We offer a free business health check to fully review your current IT systems, applications and business continuity plan

The above services are a small element of the range of solutions to provide remote and flexible working to your business that are designed to mitigate or prevent the chances of unforeseen events disrupting your business, so you can continue operating effectively in any situation.

For further information or to discuss the solution that’s right for your business, contact your account manager or call 0333 234 3448 today. 

For more information on the Coronavirus, visit the Government website here –