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9th June 2020

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Virtual Hosted Desktop – From The Abacus To The Cloud

Whilst many would argue what constitutes a computer, the abacus was the first form of machine that crunched the numbers. However, the first machine to do so automatically without human help was conceived by Charles Babbage.

the abacus to the cloud development
Many regard Babbage as the “father of the computer” because his machines had an input (a way of feeding in numbers), a memory (something to store these numbers while complex calculations were taking place), a processor (the number-cruncher that carried out the calculations), and an output (a printing mechanism)—the same basic components shared by all modern computers. Although he never actually completed any of the ambitious machines that he tried to build his ideas form the basis of the computers we use today.

For a long period of time the idea of a computer and how it worked remained as an isolated machine required to do a set task, generally complex calculations. Often taking up entire rooms, the initial inventors of the early forms of modern computing systems could never have envisaged where we are today in the virtual hosted desktop world.

The early years of World War II saw the need and rise of the first real modern computers when a German Engineer built the world’s first programmable binary computer. Konrad Zuse realised and built the Z1 in his parents living room. Although most machines built during this period where for war, the inspiration and technology for personal computing were still to be some time off and it wasn’t until 1974 that intel would make this breakthrough.

In 1943, IBM boss Thomas Watson had reputedly said ‘I think there is a world market for about five computers.’ Just two decades later, the company and its competitors had installed around 25,000 large computer systems across the United States. Incredibly, today there are over 1.2 billion Windows PCs worldwide!

While not so long-ago computers were confined to the realm of the office or home, meeting somewhere in the middle occasionally, all be it not very securely and complex to get right. Now the physical part of computing can be anywhere via multiple devices with the virtual world taking over a lot of the processing, data storage and information.

Elite Group take the reigns

So, where to from here and what does the future look like for Technology? Having your data stored securely offsite utilising a hosted service, in a data centre, allows for maximum flexibility within your business. For example, if you need to move office locations there’s no need for downtime to move and reconfigure IT systems, you just move your computers and away you go again. There’s also no need for large-capacity data in most cases, it’s all stored off-site, generally more secure than what many businesses have now. There’s an endless list of reasons why hosting your system virtually makes sense, not least of which is remote working, considering today’s business environment.

Remote working capabilities and business continuity are no longer something to consider, they are a critical requirement of every business. Remote working should be available to every business regardless of size or industry and with the growth of cloud-based technologies and mobility solutions, we can support your business now and in the future.

Investing in the right technology and innovations can help your business grow and increase your business performance and profitability.

Elite Group can work with you to create a roadmap for smarter working and help your entire workforce become more productive by keeping them connected, wherever they are. Making your business more productive starts with helping your people deliver more.

Elite’s Virtual Hosted Desktop looks and feels like a regular system but runs from secure data centres providing an instant and secure solution for Remote Working. Our research shows that businesses who deploy the Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop increase staff productivity by at least 20%.

With Elite’s Virtual Hosted Desktop your office really can be operated from anywhere, anytime! Developed with security, performance and reliability at the forefront, Elite Group’s Virtual Hosted Desktop is the perfect remote working business solution.

This is the difference between having a regular laptop or desktop, with Elites Virtual Hosted Desktop you get all the above in one solution.

Agile & Seamless

Operating in a secure Windows 10 multi-session environment, the Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop enables staff access from anywhere, with just a few simple clicks. It looks and feels like a regular desktop or laptop but runs from secure data centres providing you with an instant solution for Remote Working. The Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop hosts all your business applications (such as Sage Accounts, Payroll, CRM, ERP systems, HR systems etc.) and includes Microsoft 365 and email as standard.

Secure & Reliable

Data security is our primary focus. The Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop is secure, with built-in protection against viruses, ransomware and malware attacks. Our systems are penetration tested by independent 3rd party experts to ensure they are not vulnerable to external hackers. Working with Elite means you benefit from access to our dedicated technical consultants and fully certified engineers, providing your business with the same levels of support you would expect from your own in-house IT team. Our team take the pain away from system patching and software updates, by managing these outside of normal business hours or times that suit your business.

More Productive

Maximise the productivity of your staff by enabling full access to your IT systems from anywhere, on any device. Our research shows that businesses who deploy the Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop increase staff productivity by at least 20%. This is because they have access to their full suite of applications and data wherever they are. The Elite Virtual Hosted Desktop also provides your business and staff with the flexibility to work the hours that suit them most.

 Increase Profitability

Increase your profitability through a combination of increased staff productivity and our unique system optimisation solution, which works by providing a full breakdown of your system usage, detailing your exact infrastructure requirements. This enables us to optimise your cloud system usage, so you don’t pay for infrastructure you don’t use or need.

Strategic Partners

We are certified partners with Microsoft, we also have very close relationships with numerous other industry experts. Therefore, Elite Group is perfectly positioned to offer businesses a hosted desktop solution that is suited to your specific business needs. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we enjoy extensive access to the Microsoft Partner Knowledge Base and house experts in Microsoft implementation within business. We are endorsed by Microsoft, arguably the most prominent technology company in the world, at the highest levels.

Alongside this, we have a Gold partnership with WatchGuard and cloud computing experts, putting us at the forefront of cutting-edge, hosted desktop security technology. Supported by industry-leading experts, our powerful and scalable hosted desktop solutions will increase productivity, reduce overheads and build flexibility into your business.

The future of business communication and IT

Since the inception of the original computer right through until today, the speed at which technology in this sector is advancing is astounding, especially over recent history. Hosted desktop systems allow for maximum flexibility for today’s workforce, generating greater profitability for many businesses allowing for greater wellbeing within companies that adopt this approach.

Combining Virtual Hosted Desktops with the latest collaboration systems truly is the future of most working environments. Where you can work from anywhere, anytime and access all your information without any geographical or physical constraints.


Hosted Desktop, Hosted Virtual Desktop, Cloud Hosted Desktop, Hosted Desktop Solutions, Hosted Desktop Service whichever terminology you use they are all one in the same, the biggest difference is who the Hosted Desktop provider is. Here at Elite Group we tailor our hosted solutions for each individual business allowing for greater flexibility and fit for purpose, in turn creating much more productive and profitable clients.