Five Reasons to Switch to a Hosted Desktop Solution

28th February 2020

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A recent report by Spiceworks shows that 44% of businesses plan to increase IT spend in 2020, which is primarily driven by a need to update outdated IT infrastructure.

Interestingly, the report finds that there is a considerable variation in the way that small and enterprise-size organisations are embarking on their IT infrastructure upgrades. Where smaller companies are set to make the biggest investment into hardware such as laptops and desktops, larger companies are spending more on managed IT and hosted desktop solutions and less on hardware.


The report finds that large enterprises are adopting emerging technologies up to five times faster than small companies. As well as updating outdated IT infrastructure, new technology needs to support company growth will be a significant driver of technology investments in 2020. Enterprises, with their larger budgets and a greater focus on strategic IT initiatives, are more likely to be swayed by newer technology with innovative features such as AI capabilities, as they see them as a potential way to gain a competitive edge.

We hear a lot about smaller companies being more nimble and able to innovate much quicker than larger companies. Still, when it comes to IT investment, this report may point to a greater divide between the IT-enabled large companies and small companies.

With the total money spent on managed IT help desk solutions predicted to increase from 6% of managed service budgets in 2019 to 10% in 2020, we’ve compiled Elite’s top five reasons to switch to a hosted desktop:

Supports Innovation: With a hosted desktop, IT staff are no longer needed to maintain onsite servers and desktop hardware. Updates are instantaneous across all desktops, compared with a traditional desktop model where you would have to configure each PC individually to keep it up to date. This leaves more time to focus on innovation and planning improvements in other areas of IT. It also offers more opportunities for the rest of the business to collaborate too – with the entire interface stored and delivered through the cloud, files and knowledge sharing is made much simpler.

Offers the Flexibility and Scalability to Grow: A hosted desktop allows you to have the infrastructure of your IT system configured to meet your specific business needs, rather than as a ‘one-size fits all’ solution. Once you’ve created a template for your business, it can be rolled out to all users and scaled up or down as required; allowing you to grow at your own pace. It empowers flexible working hours and eliminates downtime when staff would otherwise not able to get to the office to work on a physical desktop.

Lowers Operational Costs: Cost savings are made on on-going maintenance and support and the initial investment in hardware and in-house servers. You need only pay for the resources that you use, so there’s no need to have redundant storage or processing power sitting around waiting for periods of high demand. Research shows that by choosing a hosted desktop solution, businesses can reduce costs significantly, typically saving between 30% and 50% of their IT budgets over four years after moving to a hosted solution. The as-a-service model also makes the costs more predictable and easier to manage.

Enhances Cyber Security and Business Continuity: By working with hosted desktop providers, security is also enhanced as data can be handled and monitored by experts rather than by an individual within the organisation, performing backups and security checks. A good hosted desktop provider will perform regular back-ups of your data and will store your data in a highly secure, professionally managed server. It also means your business will have proper disaster recovery procedures in place and can get back to normal almost immediately following any data loss or outage. It also allows you to have consistency across the business as updates are done across all desktops at the same time.

Improves Governance and Simplifies Licensing: Financial compliance regulations and GDPR require businesses to know where their data is continuously. A hosted desktop allows you to have greater control of your data. With all data residing in a secure cloud platform and monitored by a Managed Service Provider (MSP) such as Elite Group, you can be sure of meeting all your compliance requirements. Licensing is also made more straightforward because the MSP provider will take on the responsibility of making sure everyone has the right software licenses in place.

You can benefit right now from choosing solutions from the best hosted desktop providers. Elite Group is certified partners of Microsoft, Citrix Systems and VMware and has very close relationships with industry experts putting us at the forefront of cutting-edge, hosted desktop technology. Our powerful and scalable hosted desktop solutions will increase your productivity, reduce your overheads and build flexibility into your business.

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