February 2019 Article Roundup

At Elite Group, we aim to create useful and engaging content for tech and communications professionals, business owners and the general public.

In February, we looked at whether Ofcom is going to scrap geographical numbers, saw how important PCI compliance is for businesses taking card payments, debunked some of our favourite smartphone myths and announced that Elite Group has been ranked one of the top five technology companies in Lancashire.

We hope you enjoy these articles. Keep an eye on our News and Insights section throughout March for more.


1. Is Ofcom about to Scrap Geographical Telephone Numbers?

Smartphones have radically changed the telecoms industry. With smart device ownership increasing all the time, Ofcom has now asked whether it even needs to keep geographical number codes at all.

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2. Understanding and Maintaining PCI Compliance

Understanding PCI Compliance

Failure to comply with PCI standards can lead to a company being forbidden to process credit and debit card transactions. As such, PCI compliance is essential

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3. 10 Smartphone Myths You Won’t Believe Are False

Think you know your smartphone? Think again. Although many of us are practically tethered to our phones, we know surprisingly little about them. And many of the things we think we know about them are just myths.

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4. Elite Group Named as Top 5 Tech Company in Lancashire

Elite Group Names As Top 5 Tech Firm In Lancashire

BusinessCloud, in conjunction with Silicon Valley Bank and law firm Bermans, has published its inaugural “North West 251 List.” The list features the best and most disruptive tech companies in the North West – an area fast becoming one of the UK’s most exciting tech economies.

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