Don’t Let Your Local Phone Number Restrict International Business

13th May 2020

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Let Your International Customers Call Local So You Can Trade Globally

International Numbers

Geography shouldn’t restrict business anymore when you can have a local phone number in almost every major city across the globe. Many businesses like to deal with local companies but that doesn’t mean you have to have a physical presence to appear local. And just because you can’t travel overseas doesn’t mean you can’t trade with international customers and clientele.

There are several ways to achieve an international presence, in country numbers, international toll-free numbers and universal international freephone numbers(UIFN). Each one has its own benefits and as one of the UK’s leading technology and communications providers, Elite Group are perfectly positioned to provide international call forwarding telephone numbers for your business.


In-country local numbers

Achieve instant presence in over 145 countries and 7,500 cities across the globe with an in-country local number. Our virtual local numbers give callers the perception you are based in a country even if you are not. Answer calls from the country you are based, or switch to any other destination seamlessly using our cloud based call management platform.

Ideal for global call centres as well as any business that wants to operate in multiple countries, an in-country local number is a cost-effective way to achieve a global presence without setting up international offices.


International Toll-Free Numbers (Itfn)

Increase the number of incoming calls by letting overseas callers contact you for free. An international toll-free number adopts a specific country’s toll-free numbering format. This means, to callers, your ITFN will look and behave just like any other local toll-free number – no matter where you’re based.

Available in over 100 countries, your calls can be answered in either the country of origin or switched to any alternative destination seamlessly using our cloud based management platform. Our experienced team can provide you with the best international toll-free numbering solution to meet your business needs.


Universal International Freephone Number (Uifn)

Use one toll-free number across multiple campaigns in multiple countries. As its name suggests, a UIFN is free for callers to use no matter where they are located. Our universal freephone option allows you to use one global toll-free number rather than having to set up a separate number for each country. You will be allocated a unique number that is the same in the 40 countries that support universal freephone activation.

Many consumers recognise and value the UIFN format. As such, UIFNs are frequently used by international corporations and organisations – including the EU.

Take advantage of the benefits.

  • Combine with IVR, call queuing and call recording to enhance customers call journey
  • 24/7 dedicated account management and technical support
  • Premium partnerships with all international providers
  • Industry experts with many years of experience
  • Speedy set up and real-time analytics and statistics
  • Diverse call routing capabilities, anywhere, including international destinations
  • Works alongside your landline, instead of replacing it
  • Industry-leading SLAs and fault management

Don’t restrict yourself to just a small local market when you can trade as an international business overnight. Considering the current challenges facing business now is the perfect time to expand your customer base and explore new markets. There’s no need to have a local presence internationally, other than a phone number.

Get in touch with us today and expand your business with a simple phone number. People still talk!

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