Doctors Are Using Technology To Maintain Patient Wellbeing Via Online Consultations

29th May 2020

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Could Gp’s Use Online Communication As A Norm For Consultations In The Future?

doctors using technology for online consultations

The coronavirus pandemic has seen many varied changes throughout business and society when it comes to the way we work and socialise. One of the major changes has been the uptake of communication technologies. Unless you are a true hermit, you’ll be aware of the massive rollout and use of collaboration and communication software for remote workforces and the general public socialising via video.

The health profession is no different, using phone and video for consultations, doctors have been able to provide ongoing care for those needing it. Whilst there are some barriers, technological advances will see remote consultations increase more and more.

According to the data, prior to the pandemic and associated lockdowns, 70% of consultations in general practice were carried out face to face. Since the lockdown measures have been in place those consultations have dropped to 23% with the rest being carried out via phone and video.

‘Professor Martin Marshall, chairman of the Royal College of GPs, told the Commons Health and Social Care Committee there had been a large uptake in virtual consultations due to Covid-19, in part because doctors had been given more sophisticated technology and equipment.’ – April 1st, 2020

In many cases, normal phone consultations may be enough, but they are further enhanced through the use of platform providers like Microsoft, Mitel and Gamma.

Prof Marshall said ‘support would be needed to set up the equipment and train GPs in addition to providing the kit. It’s a small investment that’s required, which could have a massive impact on our ability to provide a different kind of care for those who will benefit from it.’

Health care governance in many countries is now heading towards complete health records being maintained and secured online. So, it makes sense to use communication technology to advance the way we visit our local Dr as well.

‘Most importantly, it’s been enabled by having access to the technology and the investment that’s been put into the technology. I think the future will be somewhere between where we were and where we are. I don’t think that 70% of consultations have to be carried out face to face … and I don’t think 20% to 23% is right either.’ Professor Martin Marshall – Chairman of the Royal College of GPs

With the next generation of patients more comfortable than the previous with how they communicate, the future of the healthcare industry will only see the community push for more and more remote healthcare options.

Elite Group offers a varied range of options that can be tailored for small medical practices right through to larger Medical groups. Utilising a provider like Elite has the added benefit of improved security and control within your communications systems allowing for greater confidentiality and information management.

So what solutions are out there? We’ve listed our top communication and collaboration options that can be utilised across numerous sectors within the health care industry.

Horizon Collaborate

Traditional telephony is no longer a match for Unified Communication systems, not only are they less efficient and costly, they often deter the best employees. Today’s workforce demands more user-friendly collaborative platforms that not only enhance employee and customer experiences they bolster the bottom line.

Gamma Horizon Collaborate drives employee productivity and transforms how swiftly and effectively information is shared, fulfilling customer demands as well as increasing employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Operate Horizon from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Not only does it have exceptional functionality, but it replaces multiple communication products with a single unified package to drive down IT costs and increase functionality.

Enhance decision making and efficiency with tools that permit users to find the right person in an instant.

Caters for Millennials and Gen-Z who are set to become the largest generation in your workforce and expect any technology to be fast, accessible and on-demand.

‘93% of employees felt productivity had been improved by their organisation adopting Unified Communications and collaboration tools’ – XO commissioned study



Leverage media services such as instant messaging, voice, video, desktop/application sharing and more, all from within Horizon Collaborate.

Any Device, Anywhere

Enable users to access business communications and collaboration services from any device – whether Windows, MAC, Android and iOS – no matter where they are.

Flexible Working

Allow staff to benefit from flexible working practises – whether hot-desking or mobile/home working – to boost employee satisfaction and productivity rates.

Welcome (Multi-)Party

An instant fully managed conferencing space for voice, video and sharing for quick multi-party collaboration.

PBX Serviced

Enjoy full integration with hosted PBX services to benefit from a truly unified communications experience.


Horizon Collaborate shows an always-on personal status that helps define the best way to communicate with colleagues.

Video Calling

Create a stronger collaborative experience using visual communication from mobile or desktop app.

Enhanced Voicemail

Play a Voicemail message from your desktop, save it or forward a copy to your entire team


Use your number and preferences on any enabled phone in your company with Hot-Desking

Home Worker

Home Worker lets you take your profiles and settings to your home office

Remote Office

Use your number and profile on any phone, anywhere with Remote Office

Never Miss a Call

Never miss a call with One Number Anywhere and Sequential Ringing

Call Notify

Keep track of important calls with Call Notify by Email

Call Recording

Use Call Recording for audit trails, compliance or training purposes

Miteam Meetings By Mitel 

Mi Team Meetings allows businesses seeking an advantage to stay ahead of the game. Remaining responsive and exploiting multiple channels of communication with products like Mi Team Meetings in combination with other solutions is fundamental for business efficiency, productivity, staff teamwork and communication.

The Features And Benefits Of Mi Team Meetings By Mitel

Today’s workforce demands more user-friendly collaborative platforms that not only enhance employee and customer experiences, they bolster the bottom line.

Driving employee productivity, Mi Team meetings helps transform how promptly and effectively information is shared, fulfilling customer demands as well as increasing employee satisfaction and efficiency.


The most common challenge of remote working is having access to the exact same documents and information as in the office. With a cloud-based solution, your employees can access anything from absolutely, anywhere.

All-in-one workspace

Remote working relies heavily on communication, so a tool that enables voice, video, messaging, presence, audio conferencing, mobility and team collaboration from a single application, is a must.


The right meeting solution will transform remote interactions into hassle-free collaborations and will seem like everyone’s working from one room.


One key thing that underpins all the tech, is the culture, the mindset and the behaviour of the employees. As the employer, you can enable them in the best way possible, and encourage a culture that embraces the flexible mindset of maintaining productivity, from anywhere.

Power Connections Across the Globe

Expand team interactions beyond the physical confines of your organization to include workers, partners and customers from anywhere around the globe.

Save Time and Money

Reduce the operational cost incurred from managing multiple communication tools.

Video Conferencing

Improve collaboration and connectivity with your team, generate greater attention from your attendees and observe non-verbal facial expressions. Choose to view team members with a multi-pane group view or an active speaker view selected with a click of a button on your desktop.

Virtual Hosted Desktop

When you choose Elite Group for a hosted desktop solution, you give your staff the ability to access their desktop over the internet. This eliminates the need to buy new computers, servers and software licence upgrades, saving you money and empowering your team. Using the latest technology, we ensure that your data is protected and that users are only able to access the files they need to.

By modernising your IT systems with a hosted desktop solution, you will increase productivity, reduce overheads and build flexibility into your business.

Power and Flexibility

The world is changing. Employees expect and are expected, to be more flexible than ever before. And this isn’t a bad thing: home working has been shown to increase employee loyalty, morale and productivity. By allowing your staff to access their work desktop from almost any device, an Elite Group Hosted Desktop solution makes working from home easier than ever – as well as enabling geographically dispersed teams to work together more effectively.

A Hosted Desktop solution centralises your data, lowers IT operating costs and makes collaborations between different offices – and even different countries – easy. When you opt for a Hosted Desktop solution, you benefit from the very latest technology – including the most up-to-date security features.

Elite Group’s Hosted Desktop solutions ensure seamless collaboration and high performance.

Save Money. Retain Control

By choosing the Hosted Desktop model, you will reduce time spent managing and maintaining your IT systems; and fixed monthly pricing makes budgeting easier than ever. By eliminating the need to purchase new computers, servers and software licenses, you will avoid investing in depreciating assets and will be able to better allocate these resources to more strategic projects.

With our Hosted Desktop solutions, you can specify exactly which services you require. And you will be able to scale IT requirements up or down easily in response to any changes in your organisation’s circumstances. This means that you retain control of your IT systems while reducing their cost and removing the need to manage them.

Our Hosted Desktop Strategic Partners

As certified partners with Microsoft, Citrix Systems and VMware, we have very close relationships with industry experts. Therefore, Elite Group is perfectly positioned to offer businesses a hosted desktop solution that is suited to your specific business needs. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we enjoy extensive access to the Microsoft Partner Knowledge Base and house experts in Microsoft implementation within business. We are endorsed by Microsoft, arguably the most prominent technology company in the world, at the highest levels.

Alongside this, we have partnerships with multinational software company Citrix Systems and cloud computing experts VMware, putting us at the forefront of cutting-edge, hosted desktop technology. Supported by industry-leading experts, our powerful and scalable hosted desktop solutions will increase productivity, reduce overheads and build flexibility into your business.

 Our Strategic Partners

Gamma Accredited Partner

Our longstanding partnership with Gamma means that we not only have access to great commercial offerings but also regular product training for our sales, dedicated presales, engineering and customer service teams.

Elite are one of the fastest growing Gamma Partners and have Gamma Platinum partner accreditation. We are committed to providing the best-in-class communication solutions to our customers and as one of the UK’s leading network operators in the UK, Gamma have been chosen as our primary supplier for hosted phone systems.

Mitel Gold Partner

As a Mitel Gold Partner, Elite Group offer a range of Mitel phone system solutions. Our highly trained account managers have the ability to propose a bespoke solution designed to suit your business needs, which is delivered and installed by our dedicated Mitel Accredited deployment and engineering team.

A world-class unified communications provider, Mitel specialises in providing state-of-the-art business communication solutions to companies across all industries, power more than two billion organisations every day.

Investigate How It Can Work For You

There is no doubt that across all sectors of our society, whether its business or social, technology is playing an even greater part in the way we communicate. Unified communications have slowly been changing over the years and now with their forced rapid expansion and our need to find safer and more effective ways to communicate, understanding how they benefit each of us is vitally important.

Elite Group are in a unique situation providing multiple system options, enabling bespoke services and platforms across all sectors of society. If you are wondering how to implement a communication system that suits you call us today and we can advise and tailor a system that suits your individual needs.

Elite Group is one of the UK’s leading unified communication providers, supplying reliable and professional IT and telecoms services to organisations seeking Business Mobile, Cloud, Networking, Connectivity, and Telephony solutions.