As the way we work continues to change, so to does the sophistication of security threats

30th October 2020

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The shift to remote working: is your business prepared for emerging security threats?


The shift to remote working: is your business prepared for emerging security threats?

The shift to remote working has enabled many benefits for business, employees and customers alike. However, in order to achieve the best possible remote working outcomes, the right tools and solutions need to be in place to maintain security, continuity and productivity.

It’s all too easy to download an app or purchase your own software but how does that integrate with your security and data protocols? Does it truly offer what you need? Many companies have rushed to supply employees with remote working tools. However, it is all too easy to forget how these technologies will impact IT complexity and data security. Lack of security can impact your businesses in so many ways, and although an initial purchase may look inexpensive when we do take into account these factors the cost financially, and legally  can be hefty. Starting on the right path enabling employees to work remotely saves time and money in the long term.


‘93% of people say flexible working options would help them manage their time more effectively and devote extra hours to work tasks’ Study – Centre of Economics and Business Research


You don’t need to sacrifice your security to provide employees with flexibility. Elite Groups remote working solutions give you the visibility and controls you need to respond to the new ways people work. The Elite Hosted Virtual Desktop allows you to empower employees to work from any device and location without compromising IT security.



‘68% of employees said remote work would help them get more done, as they would spend less time commuting’ Centre of Economics and Business Research


Top tips for remote working


Be cautious of Public Wi-Fi

There can be a considerable security risk when using Public Wi-Fi and should be avoided where you are not confident adequate security is in place to protect you and your business. The best option to avoid this kind of security threat is to use a personal hotspot, linking your phone hotspot to your laptop is the best option. This avoids having to be on a network with no firewall between you and other users.


Don’t use your personal computer for work purposes

Unless you are running a hosted desktop system you should avoid using your personal computer to take care of any business at home.


Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication, also known as multiple-factor or multiple-step verification, works as an extra step in the process, that will reconfirm your identity. Its purpose is to make attackers’ life harder and reduce fraud risks.


Don’t forget, not all security threats are virtual.

Use a USB Data Blocker when Charging Up at a Public Phone Charging Station. If you need to charge your phone and the only option is an unknown USB port, a wise measure is to protect it with a USB data blocker to prevent data exchange and guard against malware.

Don’t Use Random Thumb Drives. A classic hacking technique is to drop a number of large capacity thumb drives near the company they are hoping to attack. The chances that an unwitting employee will pick up the thumb drive and use it are surprisingly high.

Security is our primary focus and The Elite Hosted Virtual Desktop is very secure, with built-in protection against viruses, ransomware and malware attacks. Our systems are penetration tested by independent 3rd party experts to ensure they are not vulnerable to external hackers. Working with Elite means you benefit from access to our dedicated technical consultants and fully certified engineers, providing your business with the same levels of support you would expect from your own in-house IT team.

Our team act as virtual employees managing system patching and software updates. We further support your businesses productivity by managing these updates at times that suit you.

Is your business prepared for emerging security threats?

Take the hassle out of the virtual security headache and talk to our team today.


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