ActionAid in 2020

20th February 2020

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A core part of Elite Group’s ethos is to support worthy causes wherever we can.

Over the last few years, we’ve been donating to ActionAid’s Changemakers II program – which aims to advance access to quality education and transform the lives of women and children living in poverty in Ethiopia.

Since its inception, the Changemakers II program has had a significant impact. Some recent highlights include:

  • The construction of a classroom block, library block and toilets for the Gola Primary School – which has given 400 children access to education in a clean, safe environment.
  • The installation of a hand pump at Qasha, giving more than 1,000 pupils and teachers access to safe, clean water.
  • The building of a Savings and Credit Cooperative where women in the community can meet and organise.
  • The provision of literacy training to more than 100 women.

This is all fantastic work. But more needs to be done. Though Ethiopia has made great strides in expanding access to primary education over the last 20 years, it still ranks as one of the worst countries in sub-Saharan Africa in terms of overall education delivery.

The reasons for this are complex and multifaceted. For example, children face multiple barriers to education, including dilapidated buildings and a lack of learning resources. At the same time, gender-based violence and harmful traditional practices (such as child marriage) can make it impossible for girls to attend school – as can families failing to prioritise female education, and instead assigning girls caring duties from a young age.

Such issues are deeply entrenched and turning things round requires an ongoing commitment from organisations like ActionAid. As such, we will continue to support ActionAid’s Changemakers II program as well as their other humanitarian and charitable causes – including providing an effective first response to emergencies in the developing world and working to advocate for the rights of women and girls globally.

Throughout 2020, ActionAid will continue to advocate for some of the world’s least fortunate people – and Elite Group will continue to support their excellent work.

And you can help too.

Whether its fundraising, donating, buying ActionAid products or supporting campaigns, there are many ways to support ActionAid.

Find out more about how you can improve the lives of women and girls living in poverty and support other ActionAid causes.