ActionAid in 2019

18th December 2019

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At Elite Group, we endeavour to support organisations we believe in. One such organisation is ActionAid.

ActionAid is undertaking crucial work to help empower women and girls around the world. In fact, 2019 marks the mid-point of the organisation’s 5-year strategy, Together for Women and Girls.

The Together for Women and Girls strategy aims to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing women, girls and vulnerable communities – in particular, violence, economic dependence and a lack of representation.

In 2019, ActionAid has provided vital assistance to women and girls across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Some highlights include:

  • Helping the indigenous Koraga community in India break the cycle of oppression of India’s historic caste system. In particular, helping individuals achieve economic independence and get access to government schemes which they are entitled to.
  • Establishing and strengthening a women’s forum in Malawi. This forum has over 100,000 members dedicated to challenging violence and discrimination, supporting survivors and improving representation.
  • Running the ActionAid camp in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. The camp has so far helped 28,000 Rohingya refugees – and includes special “safe spaces” to provide medical care, training and counselling.
  • Supporting Liberian women and girls affected by violence – and giving them the confidence to challenge violence in their communities.
  • Creating women’s groups in Bangladesh, Ghana and Rwanda – these now have, collectively, more than 20,000 members. These play a vital role in supporting rural women claim their rights.

Throughout 2019, ActionAid has also played a crucial role in responding to emergencies throughout the globe. This included flooding in India, a tsunami in Indonesia and droughts in southern Africa – as well as many more. ActionAid looks to raise funds and provide much-needed expertise to areas affected by emergencies – and, last year, achieved the Core Humanitarian Standards verification.

In 2020, ActionAid will continue to advocate for some of the world’s least fortunate people. Elite Group will continue to support their pioneering work. However, you can help too!

Whether its fundraising, donating, buying ActionAid products or supporting campaigns, there are many ways to support ActionAid. Find out more about how you can improve the lives of women and girls living in poverty.