7 Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Mobile Provider

8th May 2018

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Choosing the right provider to manage your mobile fleet is difficult.

The market is saturated, but a lot of businesses are still not getting the best deals. Below are a seven considerations for those in the process of choosing a business mobile provider, and some reasons why choosing an independent business mobile partner is often the best idea.

Network Options

Using some suppliers ties you to a specific network. This limits the number of options and services that are available to you. An independent provider such as Elite Group will provide you with options from all of the major networks, so that you can make an informed decision when choosing which network is best for your business. Our leading network relationships ensure that you always have access to the most competitive tariffs available.

Client Considerations

Some business mobile providers benefit from out-of-bundle usage, meaning that they will not inform you when you spend outside of your contract. In order to retain your custom, independent providers need to ensure that you save as much money as possible. For this reason, we will only ever propose tariffs that are benefi­cial to your business and reduce overspend to an absolute minimum over your contract term.

Business Partnership

Many providers work on contract cycles, before targeting renewals. This means that they don’t always see their clients as long term partners. Our business model, however, depends on our ability to form long-term relationships, and to save your business money on a continual basis.

Personal Relationships

Many providers are large enterprises with multiple locations and staff. Unless you have a signi­ficant amount of connections it is very possible that you will not have a personal account manager allocated to your business. Elite Group will always provide you with a dedicated account manager. We aim to form personal relationships with all our clients so that we can operate as effectively as possible.

Pro-active Service

Unwanted bureaucracy slows down business. With larger providers, service can become slow and even getting a response can take a significant amount of time. Independent providers such as Elite Group operate a more flexible business model that can react immediately to your needs and move things along effectively.

Full Product Support

Some providers have created different departments to deal with different aspects of your account. Elite Group offer an end-to-end managed service and aim to know every part of your account, which ensures pro-activeness and reduces the frustration that comes with dealing with a number of different people who have no familiarity with your account.

Technology Considerations

Some providers can be restrictive in terms of the hardware available to you and sometimes ask for equipment to be returned at the end of your contract. Elite Group has access to most hardware suppliers and can ensure that the platform you are using is fit for purpose as well as in line with budgetary requirements.

Elite Group is the leading unified communications and business mobile provider. We deliver an unrivalled next generation product portfolio to businesses looking to increases efficiency, cut costs and achieve a better ROI.