5 Ways You Can Use Tech to Humanise Customer Experience

What do we think about when we think of technology? Artificial intelligence? Robots? Automation?

None of these things seem very human. So, when we think about humanising customer experience, technology is perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind.

But technology can be used to humanise customer experience. Especially when the technology in question has been designed to do exactly that. And there’s a good reason for this. In recent years, technology has been increasingly implemented in customer service roles – just think of voice recognition IVR systems or the self-checkout machine at your local supermarket. But many consumers don’t like this change – in fact, a recent report shows that 95 percent of us don’t want to talk to a robot when shopping.

As such, more recently, the focus has been on using technology to enhance human interaction rather than replace it. These developments allow businesses to both have their cake and eat it – to benefit from the increased efficiency of automated customer service tech without losing that critical human element.

So, here’s five ways you can use technology to humanise customer experience.


Use Tech To Humanise Customer Experience


1. Add Live Chat to Your Website

Digital communication has changed customer expectations. These days, customers expect their questions and enquiries to be answered quickly. For businesses looking to cater to this demand, automated responses – such as IVR FAQs and chatbots – have proven popular. Such solutions are great for batting away queries, but they are typically poor at providing a human experience.

To deliver both, a great solution is live chat. Live chat allows any potential customers browsing your website to reach someone on your team directly and instantaneously via instant messaging. With proper training, your team will be able to provide a very human interaction without consumers having to call you. Quick, efficient and humanising, live chat is a fantastic addition to your customer service arsenal.


2. Make Social Media a Customer Service Platform

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the importance of social media. But social media can be more than a marketing channel. A direct link to consumers, your social media accounts are perfectly positioned to provide customers with instant service.

It makes sense to be where your customers are, and most of them will be on social media. Whether they choose to engage with you privately or publicly, using social media to answer questions, deal with complaints and respond to enquiries is a great way to augment existing customer service processes and boost your brand’s reputation. But remember, if you choose to use social media in this way, you need to do it properly. It’s worth remembering that 37 percent of consumers expect a response in under 30 minutes.


3. Get Professional IVR Voicing

IVR is an indispensable resource for many contact centres. By allowing customers to input information, IVR systems streamline your response processes and get callers talking to the right agents quickly and efficiently.

All of this is great. However, your IVR solution may put people off if the voice you use sounds too robotic or mechanical. By using professional IVR voicing, you can make sure consumers enjoy interaction with your business. A professional voicing solution allows you to choose from hundreds of different accents, languages and allows you to specify whether you’d prefer a male of female voice. This means you can choose a voice that will really resonate with your callers, rather than put them off.


4. Liven Up Your Scripts

Robots aren’t the only things that can sound mechanical. If your staff are following a bad script, they too may come across as automatons. So, if you use scripts, remember that they should always be written in spoken English rather than written English. This is a very common mistake, and one that may make it all-to-obvious your staff are reading from a sheet rather than engaging in natural conversation.

Additionally, include prompts to ensure your staff get and use each caller’s name. It may also be worthwhile creating multiple scripts to prevent your staff getting bored and to ensure repeat callers don’t get an identical experience. Also, give room for experienced staff to deviate from the script. Your staff are smart, so don’t limit their abilities by placing unnecessary limitations on them.


5. Empower Employees

Ultimately, it’s your staff who are responsible for delivering a humanised customer service experience. By equipping them with the right tools, you can make it much easier for them to deliver the kind of service you want your business to be known for.

MiContact Center combines traditional voice services (inbound calling and outbound dialling) with IVR, CTI/CRM integration, live web chat, email management and social media integration. Being able to access and use all these functionalities in one place makes it far easier for your team to properly manage consumer interactions – however they come in. MiContact Center gives you complete control over call routing, a choice between touch-tone or voice recognition IVR, the ability to “pivot” interactions from one medium to another (e.g., from a social channel to email), and much more. All in all, the solution gives your employees access to everything needed to provide a humanised, steam-lined customer experience.

MiContact Center Features

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