10 Ways a Hosted Phone System Can Drive Your Business

28th July 2020

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In the past few years, the term Hosted Phone System has become somewhat of a buzzword in the IT and unified communications industry.


How to choose the right hosted phone system for your business

Choosing the right phone system for your business can be as confusing as it is vital. Your phone system is what powers both your internal and external communication and collaboration, keeps your team connected and makes you accessible to your clients and customers.  The right phone system is therefore an essential component of your business productivity and profitability- and requires careful consideration of your business needs and challenges.  At Elite Group, we’re all about empowering businesses to make the best decisions regarding their IT and communication technology. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways a hosted phone system can power your business and why a hosted solution could be the right decision to help your business grow. So, what is a hosted phone system and how can it help power your business?


What Exactly Is a Hosted Phone System?

If you’re not entirely sure what a hosted phone system is, you’re not alone.  At Elite Group, we like to cut through the jargon and call a spade a spade. In this case, we call a hosted phone system a phone system hosted in the cloud, rather than on-site in your office.  Rather than relying on hardware and fixed telephone lines, a hosted phone system is stored remotely in the cloud and connected via the internet rather than copper lines and the PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network). In this sense, a hosted phone system is more like a piece of software rather than hardware. This means that you can make and receive calls not only on your desk phone but also with a softphone or mobile application.  Hosted phone systems use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, so your business can make calls over the internet rather than traditional analogue or digital processes.


Significantly Reduce Call Costs with VoIP Technology

According to research, your business could save anywhere between 50-70% by switching to a hosted phones system. Using VoIP technology can help your business significantly reduce call costs to local, national, and international numbers, so you can save money by making those vital business calls over the internet rather than analogue phone lines. A hosted phone system can also drive your profitability in more subtle ways- whether that’s boosting productivity with better call control features, flexible working options and built-in business continuity or saving you time and money on IT maintenance,  management and optimisation that can be re-invested in other areas of your business.


Eliminate On-Site Hardware

As a hosted phone system is stored in the cloud, you can also eliminate the need for on-site hardware, servers, and software. While a traditional PBX relies on hardware and fixed line connections to the PSTN, a hosted phone system is stored off-site, eliminating the need for on-site hardware and storage. When you choose a IT provider to host your phone system off-site, the cost of everything you need for your hosted phone system is wrapped up into one transparent monthly cost, including all equipment, management, and security, for peace of mind and simplified budgeting, helping you to power your business for a fraction of the cost of buying your own hardware.


Build Flexibility into Your Business

When you opt for a hosted phone system, you choose to free your business telephony from the constraints of outdated fixed line technology. With a cloud-hosted phone system, you can build greater flexibility into the heart of your business communication. Whilst a traditional PBX restricts your phone system to your office, cloud-hosted technology enables you to access your phone system from any location, on any device with an internet connection. With a hosted phone system, you can help your business implement flexible and remote working options, whilst ensuring that your employees remain connected and never miss an important call.

A hosted phone system allows you to easily integrate a softphone application, a software that allows you to direct calls to your mobile and laptop for simplified call management and better control.  With VoIP, it’s your phone number that counts, not your business phone. With your phone system no longer tied to your office, your employees can work effectively from anywhere, whether they’re on the go or working from home.


Built-In Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

With your solution stored in the Cloud and accessible from any location, on any internet connected device, you can have the peace of mind that your business is equip with built-in business continuity and disaster recovery.  In the event of illness, bad weather, hardware damage, or any other disasters, you can be sure that your business phone system will remain operational and accessible- so you can continue ‘business as usual’ either from home or a secondary recovery site.


Easily Scale Your Solution up and Down  

Cloud solutions are inherently scalable, and a hosted phone system allows you to easily scale up your telephony solution without the need for additional costly hardware. Every size business can benefit from a hosted solution- no matter if it’s small or enterprise size. The beauty of a scalable solution is the adaptability and room for growth it builds into your business. With a hosted solution, you have the peace of mind that your telephony solution can evolve to meet the changing demands of your business. A cloud-hosted solution makes it easy to add additional seats and handsets and allows for simplified hot desking and temping- all your employees have to do it log into their account and they’re good to go!


Rich Call Control Features

A hosted phone system can equip small and medium businesses with a sophisticated, feature rich phone system for a fraction of the cost, helping to power better communication, collaboration, and productivity with advanced, enterprise features. Long gone are the days where voicemail and caller ID were the height of sophistication. These days, your hosted phone system has a wealth of features to make your daily office life easier including hunt groups, call routing, auto-assistant, music on hold, presence, find-me-follow-me, and much more.


Eliminate In-House Maintenance

When you entrust a third-party provider with your hosted phone system, you can effectively eliminate in-house IT maintenance and management of your phone system.  With your phone system hosted and maintained off-site, you can be sure that your hosted phone system is always fit for purpose and regularly optimised for best performance and minimised downtime.  By opting to have your solution hosted externally, you can equip your business with a sophisticated office phone system without the hassle of maintaining it yourself-you can leave the tech to your chosen provider and focus your time on growing your business.


Benefit From Reliable and High-Quality Calls

A hosted phone system is the future of business communication, offering greater reliability and flexibility than traditional PSTN, which is nearing end-of-life and rapidly becoming obsolete. With high internet speeds, superior compression rates and improved Quality of Service (QoS) schemes, a hosted phone system can offer high quality calls and greater reliability than a traditional PBX and copper cable lines, which are susceptible to failures, outages and technical disruptions. When you entrust your hosted phone system to an external provider, you can be sure that your audio calls will be quality assured with QoS schemes and industry SLAs.


Utilising Existing Hardware with SIP Trunking

With a hosted solution, you can enjoy all the benefits of enhanced functionality and cloud-hosting without disrupting your existing solution. If your existing hardware can support SIP trunking or VoIP, you can integrate existing handsets and devices into your hosted phone system. With your hosted phone system able to interface with your existing infrastructure, your business can a) save money by utilising existing handsets and b) have greater flexibility on how calls are routed.


Better Security

When you choose to host your phone system off-site, your business can benefit from better, more advanced security than an in-house system. Your hosted phone system provider will take care of security for you, implementing firewalls, security patches and software upgrades, so you can have the peace of mind that your phone system is fully protected and in professional hands. With your phone system and security fully managed by external engineers, you can save time and money on maintaining your IT yourself.


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