Perimeter Security and Firewalls

Protect your business against the threat of malicious attacks with our best in class, comprehensive suite of unified defences.

Next Generation Cyber Defence

Perimeter Security technologies provide a range of security services from basic firewall protection, to end to end security for your network and business. As a leading provider in Enterprise grade network security services to small, medium and distributed enterprises, Elite Group can tailor a security solution for your network.

Perimeter Security and Firewalls Statistics

The Statistics

In the UK, all sizes of businesses are facing increased levels of Cyber-attacks every day, with a Malware attack every 2 seconds, that’s almost 8000!

Despite that, still only 54% of businesses have sought external support on Cybersecurity, while 43% have staff whose role includes information sec / governance and just 38% have cybersecurity policies.

With our impressive portfolio of Firewall and Unified Threat Management services, we can equip your business with the right security solution, no matter your size or budget. From entry-level services to fully featured perimeter security solutions, we can meet the most demanding threat protection requirements with our security solutions.

Perimeter Security and Firewalls Hosted Cloud

Cloud Hosted

Take advantage of reducing costs and improving your security with the ability to protect your business in a cloud or hosted environment and manage multiple locations through a single solution.

Attacks against your network can be highly detrimental to your business. Viruses, phishing, ransomware, and worms are an all too common threat to your business finances and reputation.  When you choose a Firewall solution from Elite Group, you equip your business with a robust security solution which lowers operational costs and eliminates complex management. Our advanced multi-layered security solution includes threat management, intrusion prevention, web filtering and application control for the ultimate protection of your network.

Perimeter Security and Firewalls On Premise

On Premise

Designed for small and large offices we have a range of technologies and services to make your business secure. As the term suggests ‘on premise’ firewalls are located within you physical IT structure.

From entry-level services to fully featured perimeter security solutions, we have something to suit all budgets and requirements. In the fight against malicious attacks Elite Group have your defences covered, our Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions consolidates multiple security and networking functions into one appliance to protect your business, while simplifying your IT infrastructure and reducing complexity on your internal security management.

With our customer-centric approach at the heart of everything we do, you can be sure  your business will receive a tailored security solution, giving you the ultimate peace of mind that your organisation and its network are protected from cybercrime.

A comprehensive defence system

A comprehensive defence system

With Elite’s Next Generation Firewall Defence and security applications you can be safe in the knowledge your business and critical information is always secure.

As an essential first line of defence against attacks on your network, our solutions allow you to have enterprise level security regardless of the size of your business. With the ability to deploy firewall protection, intrusion prevention, antivirus, data-leak prevention, application control, antispam, URL filtering, load balancing, and other security features to all the users within the network being secure and compliant is available to all business.

Remove complex management processes and experience an enhanced level of service with options for a fully managed service and proactive updates with 24/7 monitoring from our accredited Network Operation Centre (NOC).

Our range of solutions provided by the leading supplier WatchGuard allows you to be confident in the technology and as a Gold certified partner you know that Elite has the best technical experts to support your solution.

Business Benefits

Regulatory Solutions

Our Firewall solutions support compliance and regulatory requirements, such as PCI DSS, PII, HIPPA, and GDPR


Our extensive range of products can grow with your business, so you can be sure your solution always meets your requirements.

Security and Resilience

Defend your business from detrimental cyberattacks with our resilient, fully managed UTM and Firewall solutions.

Superior Support

Acting as your external security specialists, Elite will provide you with first-class technical and business support.

Manage Budgets Easily

Fixed monthly cost of entry gives you complete control over your budgets for easier management.

Peace of Mind

With our award-winning engineers supporting your security solution, you can have the peace of mind that your business network is in expert hands.

  • A Gold Certified Partner of Watchguard
  • Tailored and scalable solutions for businesses of any size
  • Protection for both your on-site and cloud services
  • MI and analytics that allow you to see risks and areas of improvement
  • Our solutions include externally reviewed and approved products by NSS Labs
  • Support your compliance requirements for KCSiE, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA

The hosted private cloud service from Elite Group is providing huge commercial benefits to our operations in the UK, China and UAE.

Digital transformation has enabled the Roxor Group to consolidate our IT systems and increase our competitive edge in an already challenging market. It has also enabled our board of directors to make commercial decisions, quickly and with confidence.

Nick Massarella - IT Director - Roxor Group Ltd.

Why choose Elite Group

Secure business for software development solutions


With the latest technologies and services deployed in a way that is best for your business you can be sure that your services is protecting your business 24/7

Collaboration with software development solutions


Deployed in the way that is best for your business to ensure all your authorised users can access the information they need from anywhere, anytime

Productive solutions to benefit your business


With centralised management to manage multiple requirements you can increase your team’s productivity and ensure they are focused on your critical business activities

Benefit from software development solutions


With a fully managed service reduce your internal overheads and let Elite support and guide you in your security requirements. Ensure you minimise breaches and potential cyber-attacks that could cost your business

Elite Group: The Expert Unified Communications and IT Services Provider.

Excellent communications and IT solutions are essential to running an effective modern business.

By choosing one expert provider for all your communications and IT needs, you will experience the same excellent level of service and support across all your communications products. This increases productivity, reduces complexity and improves profitability.

Elite Group is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of best-in-class, future-proof communications and IT services. We make the complex simple, so that you can access and enjoy the very best solutions quickly and easily.

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