Mobile Device Management and Security Solutions

Effectively manage the use of your mobile fleet and protect your business against data security vulnerabilities

Device Management and Security

Elite Group leads the way in providing mobile customers with the tools to both manage their mobile usage and to implement the necessary levels of security to protect business critical data.

With the ever-increasing prevalence of 24/7 offices and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), managing your mobile fleet has become more challenging than ever. Our tariff proposition will cover the standard usage of your corporate fleet; but we will also limit the possibility for device misuse to limit excessive charges and exposure to security risks.

Our device management and security solutions will address any issues before they become problematic – whether that is identifying erroneous data usage, accessing explicit content or being the subject of a cyber-attack. There is also an additional layer of security should a handset be lost or stolen.

Mobile device management solutions for business

Effective Device Management

Device management plays a significant role in managing the efficiency of a mobile fleet. Elite Group offer a range of device management solutions to enable your business to maintain control over your spend and mobile usage.

Device management solutions not only give you peace of mind that your mobile fleet is being used for work purposes in a legal and productive manner, but also that you have central control over your devices to implement policies or instigate immediate action should they be lost or stolen.

Limits can be set on data usage, bars can be placed on certain websites and company-wide policies can be implemented to restrict use of the devices to their intended purpose. This helps to guard against potentially damaging misuse and prevents usage outside your tariff bundle and prevents unexpected bills.

We work closely with you to identify your requirements and propose a bespoke device management package that addresses your individual business needs.

Security is also an important facet of your device management solution.

Reliable Security

Security is also an important facet of your device management solution. Mobile devices are among the most susceptible to hacking and cybercrime and it is imperative that businesses consider a mobile security solution to help detect and prevent threats before they become an issue.

GDPR regulations are coming into force in May 2018, whereby companies need to prove that they are managing personal data efficiently and with the relevant security in place. Should companies fail to adhere to the regulations they could be fined up to four percent of their turnover.

Not only could data leaks be disastrous for your business from a reputational point of view, they could also have significant impact on shareholder value and severe financial implications. We will work closely with you to identify potential threats and ensure that you are fully compliant.

Device management and security solutions require buy-in from key stakeholders and staff.

Seamless Integration

Device management and security solutions require buy-in from key stakeholders and staff. Elite Group will seamlessly integrate your device management or security solution to ensure that all parties are fully aware of the reasons and implications for deploying such a solution.

Needs vary from business to business, which is why we analyse your key device and security requirements in order to create a bespoke package. We will then help you to implement this and provide full training should you need it.

Business Benefits

Leading Device Management and Security Solutions

Access the industry’s leading device management and security solutions, implemented by our knowledgeable team.

Reduce Unnecessary Spend and Streamline

Employ your device management solution to reduce unnecessary spend and to give you complete control over your mobile fleet.

Enhance Productivity

Ensure that your employees are using their devices for work purposes and set limits or place bars on unauthorised use.

Protect Your Business

Implement layers of protection so that your business is not exposed to potential data or hacking breaches.

Fully Managed Process

Experience expert implementation of your device management or security solution and ensure it achieves your aims.

Protect Your Assets

Be assured that you have the ability to remotely lock or wipe your devices should they fall into the wrong hands.

Technical Checklist

  • Our solutions are compatible with most devices and operating systems
  • Smooth central operation enables you to manage your own policies and implementations
  • Expert technical support available to ensure smooth implementation of your solution
  • Extensive reporting and real-time monitoring facilities available

Why Choose Elite Group to Manage Your Mobile Device Management and Security Solutions?

  • Industry-leading, UK-based customer service
  • Dedicated, named account manager
  • Premium partnerships with leading device management and security solution providers
  • Industry experts with over 15 years’ industry experience
  • Scalable solutions for businesses of any size

Our Customers Say

I am very happy with the level of support and knowledge delivered. I like to call Elite and bounce ideas off them and together this relationship works really well because as our business develops it becomes a win win process for the both of us.

Chris Carter, Network & Infrastructure Manager

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The service provided by Elite Telecom has been excellent, I have developed a great relationship with the support team. It has made a major impact on our business operation, and the cost savings it has delivered has made it a very worthwhile investment.

Andrew Hussey, IT Manager

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We expect the system to pay for itself within two years, furthermore we believe that we have only scratched the surfaced on what we think the telephony system can do for us in the future. The implementation of the Swyx solution has been a great success.

Bill Waters

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